Welcome to The Flute View!

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Welcome to The Flute View!

The Flute View is a fresh new approach to everything relevant to flute today.

In this rapidly changing music world, our exclusive online magazine covers flutists who are carving their own career paths, marketing yourself as an artist, entrepreneurship, new music and technology, health and wellness, and anything that relates to playing the flute today. Conceived and created by Barbara Siesel, Fluterscooter, and Viviana Guzman, The Flute View has exclusive video content produced in a fun format in the form of Spreecasts, as well as guest writers and featured articles. We believe it is invaluable to have a forum in which today’s flutists--from students of all ages to professionals--can be inspired.


Why is it important?

We are living in a time of rapid change in technology and music, and we believe this magazine is important because flutists need a platform for reading, writing, and exchanging ideas. There are more and more flutists now who are doing things that the worldwide flute community should know about, and The Flute View highlights these artists' activities through live interviews and articles.

Many flutists today want to take non-traditional paths, explore the opportunities, or make their own. For example, when we were at NFA, we heard from a lot of college flutists who had no idea what to do after they graduated, and we know that there is a great need for guidance and inspiration for flutists at all stages of their career.

We welcome you, the flute community, to send us your thoughts and articles on an ongoing basis. For more information on submission procedures, head to our Submit an Article page.

The contents of articles submitted to The Flute View for publication by guest contributors do not reflect the opinions the The Flute View magazine.


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