The Flute View’s Guide to NFA

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The Flute View’s Guide to NFA
This NFA will be a fun one for me, since it will be the first time I have an official booth, and am officially performing!  In the past, I've only had Fluterscooter bags sold through my dealers (who will also have bags at this NFA), and "unofficially" performed.  I'm looking forward to running my own booth (518) as well as performing on Saturday's "Experience" concert, combining music, art, and technology.  But enough about are some performers, workshops, and exhibits that I'm looking forward to:


Thursday, 8/13, opening day: features Carol Wincenc (2:00-2:25) presenting student and teacher parts for standard studies and repertoire.  I love to watch Carol teach, so I'm looking forward to this.  I definitely want to catch Wouter Kellerman's concert at 10:30 pm.  Mr. Kellerman won a GRAMMY award this past year for best New Age album, and I'm interested in hearing his music!


Friday, 8/14, starting at 9:45 until 10:10, is Robert Dick demonstrating and talking about his famed Glissando head joint.  I'm sure many of us secretly want to ask him about "The Other Flute" vs Jimmy Fallon, but Robert is always a favorite of mine at NFA, as he continues to improvise and play new music and techniques.  This is an exhibitor showcase for Flute Specialists (also a Fluterscooter bag NFA dealer!)  Since I was too busy at my booth at ADAMS Flute Festival, I missed Wissam Boustany, who plays everything from memory along with his pianist, also from memory.  In "A Method Called Love," from 12:30-1:50, Wissam will be focusing on his approach to practice, including memory, and I know I need some practice with that!


Saturday, 8/15...wait, remember to visit the exhibits today!  As there's always so much to hear, exhibitors come from around the world to showcase the latest in flutes, flute music, accessories (hint, hint), and everything else.  Even if you're not particularly looking for anything, I'm sure you'll see something that you want.  Think of it as a souvenir from your NFA vacation!


On Saturday at 12:00, Lisa Garner Santa is leading a yoga workshop.  Especially after standing up and walking around for the past 2 days, doing some yoga and meditation sounds like a good idea.  I really like how, this year, the yoga class is not at 7 am, because we flutists need our beauty sleep!  I really want to hear Chris McKenna's Electric Flute workshop at 12:45.  Mckenna, of Northbridge Flutes, will be showing how to make your flute electric using guitar-type effects.  Saturday's Gala Concert features Paula Robison, Demarre McGill, and many others playing both standard works and also world premieres.


Last day: Sunday, 8/16, I have to say, that this is the thing I want to see the most at NFA:  the 3D PRINTED FLUTE!  From 11:30-12:30, "Technology as a Catalyst for Change: Engaging Audience in the 21st Century," is right up my technological alley!  I'm very curious about how 3D flutes are printed and what they can do.  This may be part of our future as flutists, so good to be ahead of the curve!


The Flute View will also be doing "Happy Hour" interviews, contests, and giveaways at the Fluterscooter booth everyday from 3:00-5:00.  Come find out why it is indeed a happy hour!


Do you have any favorites this year?  Let us know in the Comment section below.  See you at NFA!



As always, there is so much to choose from the NFA Conventions.  For starters, I am looking forward to checking out the Library of Congress Flute Collection.  What a unique and fascinating opportunity to meet on Wednesday, August 12 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at the Library of Congress.  There will be a display of selected flutes from the Miller Collection hosted by Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford, curator of musical instruments. This will be in the Montpelier Room, sixth floor of Library of Congress' Madison Building.

Some of the concerts and workshop I hope to attend are listed as follows:


Marianne Gedigian performs 2pm Thursday.
Viviana Guzman Introduces FluteQueen® Beauty at the Fluterscooter Booth at 4pm.
Wissam Boustany and Aleksander Szram perform at 5pm Thursday.
Celtic Flute for the Classcial Flutist with Andra Bohnet 6:30pm.
Gala Concert with Tara O’Connor, Shigenori Kudo, Irina Stachinskaya.
Late night Caberet with GRAMMY Award Winner, Wouter Kellerman


Alexa Still and Tara O’Connor at 11am.
Chamber Music of Gary Schocker 11:15am.
As a fan of Irish and Celtic music, I’m really looking forward to hearing the Chris Norman Ensemble in Concert at1pm.
Noon Concert with New Music for Electroacoustic Flute with Lindsey Goodman.
Noon Beautiful Ballades with Carol Wincenc and Irina Stachinskaya.
4pm The Flute View Interviews Lady Jeanne and Sir James Galway at the Fluterscooter Booth.
5pm with Amy Porter and Shigenori Kudo.
Gala Concert with Deepak Ram, Manuel Rojas, Matthias Ziegler and Chris Norman Ensemble.


Sir James Galway and Flutemaker Kanichi Nagahara, 10:45am Exhibitor Showcase.
Viviana Guzman, music of Latin America, 11am.
12:30 with Paula Robison and Colette Valentine.
12:45pm Chris McKenna shows flutists how to play electric flute.
1:30pm Improvisation Methodology in Indian Classical Music with Deepak Ram.
3pm Aurore Concerto by Sophie Dufeutrelle performed by Matthias Ziegler.

2 pm Encores with Viviana Guzman, Mina Ghobrial
Improvisation with Greg Pattillo at 3:15pm
Exhibits before flying away!


This year I’m not exhibiting or performing at NFA so I have a perfect opportunity to hear, study and explore everything that is on offer at this year’s NFA!!If you arrive early on Weds:  Kennedy Center Millennium Stage from 6-7pm the wonderful Zara Lawler is creating an Interactive Celebration of Cultures -- bring your flute and participate.  And it’s a great opportunity to see and perform at the Kennedy Center!Thursday:

10-10:30 am:  Pass it on Advocacy 101 a panel exploring the relationship between music and advocacy- music as a means of social and cultural change.  This panel is perfect for me as the Green Golly Project is dedicated to affecting cultural/educational change in all our programs and curriculums.

Also at 10-10:30 - the new concerto commissioned by Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber (the group ZAWA) a piece which depicts the effects of global warming.  I’ll have to be in two places at once…

11-12 noon -- WISH: Remembrance, laughter and inspiration.  “WISH” celebrates those who have helped shape a legacy of diversity in the arts.  Wonderful performances and readings by Paula Robison, Performers and composers include Valerie Coleman, Leone Buyse, Elizabeth Crone, Nathalie Joachim, and Alexa Still.


Echoes from the Dayton C. Miller Collection: Historical Flutes in Concert at the St Thomas Apostle Catholic Church – right across the street from the Marriott.  I’m excited about hearing these flutes and also hearing a concert in a non hotel venue!!

8-10 – Gala Concert: I’m thrilled to hear Tara O’Connor and Shigenori Kudo, Harvey Sollberger, Irina Stachinskaya  and all the other wonderful players in this opening concert.

10:30-12 midnight- Cabaret with Wouter Kellerman, can’t wait to hear him live!!


11-11:50  Spotlight Concert-- Alexa Still and Tara O’Connor—Celebrations!  Works by American composers many of whom I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll find something new to perform!

12-1:00  Art and Technology : New Music for Electroacoustic Flute,  a concert featuring music at the intersection of art and technology.  Gee – that sounds like a good part of my career, be great to hear some new pieces and where things have progressed. I just finished an appearance on a film about the great video artist Donna Cameron with whom I commissioned and created two visual art/music pieces.  (check out the collection in the MOMA library where they are housed).

1-2:30  A Field Guide for Community Engagement -- (I’m enjoying this theme) Community partnerships  and community engagement are very important to me.

2-3:30 Harvey Sollberger Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute Concert.  Looking forward to hearing works by this pioneer of contemporary performance practice.

3:30-4  Harvey Sollberger’s Silent Film Suite

5-6  There are three events I really want to see- I’ll need a clone… Teaching Peace Through Music, Liz Shropshire ‘s work bringing music instruction and peace-building programs to over 14,000 child refugees.

The Spotlight Concert with Amy Porter and Shigenori Kudo and Adrianne Greenbaum ‘s wonderful Tradition! Klezmer


On Saturday from 3-4 Keith and I will be sharing Green Golly products at the Fluter Scooter booth! Books and music will be 20% off and there will be a book giveaway for one lucky flutist.

Other things I’ll be attending on Saturday

9:30-10:30  Music and Movement The Tao of Bach Workshop -- sounds interesting!

10-11:30  Redefining Success: Navigating Today’s Professional Landscape Career and Artistic Development.  Looking forward to hearing how others are creating a sustainable career.

11-11:50 Somos Uno (We Are One)  pieces form seven American countries.  Hear Viviana Guzman!!!

12-12:50 John Quincy Adams Meets Jean Baptiste Loeillet.  The remarkable Barbara Hopkins presents the life of John Quincy Adams with music from his travels- period instruments

12:30-1:30  Spotlight Concert:  Paula Robison!!

1:30-3:00pm – Alexander Murray Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute Concert.  I studied with Alexander Murray when I was a student at the National Music Camp, Interlochen, MI.

5-6  Experience: Performance art, sound, movement and media!  Hear Fluter Scooter!!

8-10 – The Gala Concerto Concert, looking forward to those world premieres by Katherine Hoover and Jeff Tyzik


11:30-12:30  Technology as a Catalyst for Change. 3D flutes wow!!!

Youth Flute Day -- hey where’s Green Golly….??

2:40-3:10  There’s an App for That!

Musical Stories with Rachel Taratoot Ciraldo --

If you see me at any of these events be sure to say “hi” as I’d love to meet you! And wishing everyone an exciting and interesting convention.




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