The Aspiring Flutist’s Sound & Scale Book (Dr. Terri Sanchez): Review

The Aspiring Flutist’s SOUND & SCALE BOOK by Dr. Terri Sanchez, is a MUST for all flutists.  This 162 page workbook is complete with wonderful advice, and creative ways to practice.  The book includes Long Tone Practice Tips, Scales, Circle of Fifths, One-Octave Major and Minor Scales (with all sorts of variations including with piano!), Two-Octave Scale Exercises, Breathing Ideas, “Wiggle” Games & Scales, Two-Octave Scale and Melody Duets, Full-Range and Chromatic Scale Practice Tips, Chromatic Puzzle Pieces and Full-Range Chromatic Scales, Chromatic Loops.  The book is very clearly outlined, easy to flip through, and beautiful to read.  Even has a Poem for a Beautiful Tone by Terri Sanchez.

The book starts with a Listening section with useful tips on “The Art of Listening” with helpful written suggestions on how to develop your listening skills including 1) Listen for the “Sweet Spot”, 2) Connect Your Eyes and Ears, 3) Listen for Angles, 4) A Listening State of Mind.  The book continues with helpful written Posture suggestions and exercises including 1) Balance Your Head, 2) Free Your Neck, 3) Relax Your Shoulders, 4) Lift Your Chest 50 Expand Your Ribs 5) Long Back Exercise, 6) Both Feet on the Ground, 7) Let the Chair Support You, 8) Hold Your Flute Gently, 9) Soft Face, Soft Eyes, 10) Warm and Comfy Throat, 11) Face the Mirror, and MORE!  I particularly loved that all the scales are written out, Major and Minor, with excellent tips on how to improve them, making them smooth and effortless.

A bonus point goes for the inspiring quotes from famous people, including Mstislov Rostropovich, Martin Luther King, Duke Ellington, Vladimir Horowitz, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Leonardo Da Vinci, at the top of every page, making for a delightful and uplifting reading at every practice session.

The book’s Part 3 is filled with innovative and helpful ideas on how to improve Breathing and Part 4 discusses “Full-Range Confidence” with notes on how to 1) Keep Consistent 2) Find Model Notes 3) Use Your Belly Bowl 4) Sweet Spot Experiment 5) Go with the Flow 6) When You Go High, Go Low 7) Flutter, Sing or Both, etc.

The book is so jam packed with delightful nuggets, that you might want to also pick up Dr. Terri Sanchez’  first book, “The Aspiring Flutist’s PRACTICE COMPANION."  Both books are available at Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co.

This book belongs on every flutist’s music stand!

--Viviana Guzman

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