Win-D-Fender: New Product Review

I wish I had had a Win-D-Fender when I was starting out.  To support myself through my studies at Juilliard, I used to play 2 and 3 outside weddings a week.  I really could have used this handy device!  With it’s protective bands that don’t damage or scratch the flute at all, this is the product we have all been waiting for!  Portable, easy to clip on, the Win-D-Fender fits easily into the flute and it is easy to put into any gig bag.  As I live on the ocean, I look forward to many seaside practice sessions!! The Win-D-Fender is a must for all flutists!

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--Viviana Guzman


Win-D-FenderThis is by far the most interesting and innovative product I found in the exhibit hall! The Win-D-Fender is a device that attaches to your headjoint, cupping the flute around the tone hole, and blocks outside air from reaching your air stream. This improves sound projection tenfold and is particularly useful for outdoor concerts (or practice session), marching band, or extremely air-conditioned performance spaces. Caitlin from Carolyn Nussbaum was kind enough to perform a demonstration of this product and the results were astounding. I would have loved to have one of these when I was practicing outdoors on my parentstree farm as a child! I will be recommending this product to all of my students who participate in school ensembles and marching bands. This a genius device! (Thanks Caitlin!)


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-Rachel Taylor Geier


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