Christine Cleary: Artist Interview

Christine Cleary is a freelance flutist and private flute teacher in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  She received a BM and MM in flute performance from Kent State University and Ohio University.  Her teachers have included Julie Sarver, Diane McCloskey, Janet VanGraas, and Terri Sundberg.

What is your background as a flutist?

I received a Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University and a Master’s Degree from Ohio University in flute performance.  After graduating from college I moved to Texas and began teaching private flute lessons full time. I have been teaching in Texas for 21 years now and absolutely love it!  At one point in time I had as many as 86 students per week.

What are your upcoming projects?

Our patent includes all members of the flute family and there have been many requests for a piccolo Win-D-Fender as well as requests for alto and bass.  We also have a couple of other top secret accessories that we are working on.

What is the Win-D-Fender?

 The Win-D-Fender is an attachment to the flute that allows you to play the flute outdoors in windy conditions.  As an added bonus it also acts as a sound mirror by reflecting your sound back to you.  Win-D-Fender can be used indoors as well so you can hear yourself in loud settings such as in a jazz band or as a practice tool.

How did you come up with the idea of the Win-D-Fender?

My husband, Mark Dooly, is a jazz saxophonist and doubler and he discovered the wind problem while playing an outdoor gig on flute.  He was shocked that no one had ever come up with a solution to the problem and it was on his mind for about 20 years.  After he told our engineer friends about the issue they decided to help us find a solution.  We couldn’t have developed it without our brilliant engineers Patrick Reeves and Clem Kwok. We spent about two years developing Win-D-Fender which included several field trials and input from dozens of professional flutists.

How does it work?

The Win-D-Fender clips on (like a hair clip) to the head joint and encompasses the lip plate and your mouth which prevents the wind from disturbing your air stream as you blow across the hole. It does not muffle or project the sound.  Win-D-Fender just allows you to play as normal.  We had it scientifically tested by Dr. Jon Nelson at a reputable university.


Where is it available?

Win-D-Fender is available on Amazon, Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company, Williamson Music First, eBay, and many retailers around the world. New retailers are coming on board daily. A complete list of authorized dealers is available at Any retailers who are interested in becoming authorized dealers can contact:


Any advice for entrepreneurial flutists?

My advice is if you have a goal or a dream, don’t give up on it.  Sometimes the road may take bends and unexpected turns but it may lead you to something new and even better than you expected. Also, surround yourself with positive people who support you and are willing to help. Take a risk!

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