HOLIDAY EXCLUSIVE: The Flute View’s Favorite Gifts

We have compiled our favorite flute gifts for the 2018 holiday season. There is something on our list for everyone, and of course, a subscription to The Flute View magazine is the gift that keeps on giving and keeps us going.

Happy holidays!

-Fluterscooter, Barbara Siesel, and Viviana Guzman

For the flute student

Take lessons with Sir James Galway through First Flute! This interactive series of online lessons teaches the foundations of playing from the World’s leading expert of the instrument. Every aspect of technique is covered; every facet of musicality is explored.  Only $99.00 for the year.

For the flute fashionista

This brand new flute bag is a collaboration between Flute Center of New York and Fluterscooter.  Modern and chic, this bag is also vegan friendly, made of high tech vela vinyl with faux leather straps.  Extra shoulder strap included.  And, $10 of each purchase is donated to the Flute New Music Consortium.  Buy yours exclusively from Flute Center of New York here.  $175.00

For the flute music lover

We just can't get enough of Melissa Keeling's new album Supersonyq. This innovative album, in which Keeling plays a Glissando headjoint along with effects pedals, is a great addition to your flute music collection. "[It] explores rock, classical, and ambient layers, and Keeling takes risks both compositionally and creatively, making for a unique and sonically pleasing album." Read more of our review in last month's issue and purchase here.  $7.00

For the flute ocean lover

Enjoy Holiday Special 50% OFF for the Flutes by the Sea Masterclass thru January 1, 2019.

Intensive Five Day Flute Masterclass June 11-15, 2019 in the oceanside village of Half Moon Bay, CA (30 miles south of SF) open to serious students of all ages.


Viviana Guzman, University of California Santa Cruz

Alice K. Dade, University of Missouri

Erika Boysen, University of North Carolina Greensboro

Jose Valentino, Lee University

Performer Applications Due: May 1, 2019

Sign up now and SAVE!  $20-$249.00

For more info visit 


For the flutrepreneur

Want entrepreneurial coachings from one of the best (and co-founder of The Flute View)? Barbara Siesel is offering Skype coachings through Flute Mastery. Two one-hour intro sessions can help you figure out how to make a living playing flute!

In just two sessions you discover:  

*What your sweet spot is for your own professional growth.
*What your competition is doing and why
*How you can use your strengths and leverage them into your own success.
*The path and plan for moving forward.

Shape your brand with Barbara!  $250.00 on

For the flutist of any age

The Virtuosic Flutist: Brilliant Steps for the Next Step and Beyond is the first in a series of flute method books by internationally acclaimed flutist and pedagogue Nina Assimakopoulos. The series offers a concise and engaging approach to developing technique and musical artistry for all levels of flutists, from the beginner through the most advanced.

Purchase from Flute Specialists here  $40.00

For the flute friend

If you’re looking for a gift your flute friends will really use, try Flute Hoot’s Floozi cleaner. Designed by a teacher and pro flutist, it is designed to extend to swab your entire flute fully assembled. Great for a quick swab during performances or to help teach flute care to young students. $27.00

Flute View subscribers can get a 10% discount and free shipping on orders over $25 through December with code HOLIDAY2018 at

For the flute teacher

Show your appreciation for your teacher with beautiful, handmade flute jewelry.  Guaranteed she'll love it!  Both FluteFinery and Music For Your Eyes are founded, designed, and handcrafted by flutists Tracy Harris and Ellen Burr.  Shown here: Flute Key With Swarovski Crystal by FluteFinery.  Purchase here. $59.99

For the flute choir enthusiast

Want your flute choir to be more in tune? (of course you do)  Try a LeFreque and hear the difference for yourself! LefreQue is a revolutionary sound bridge that acoustically connects the sections of your wind instrument, combining the benefits of both. The result is an unequaled improvement of your sound quality: purer overtones, accurate tuning, clear response, smooth intervals, extended dynamics, surround projection. They come in a variety of metals and pricing, ranging from $46.95 to $229.95.  Shown here: Solid Silver.  Purchase from Flute World here.

For the flute gadgeteer 

Want to try something new to enhance the sound of your flute? The Tornado Flute Booster improves both response and ease of play! Fasten attacks, ease playing, and enhance harmonics with this patented device by Musique de Marc. The Tornado Booster corrects the head cork plate shape from a flat surface to a shape similar to the base of a tornado and defines the eye of a tornado in your flute. It accelerates and regulates the wind spin in the entire flute creating many advantages for the player.  Purchase here.  $35.00

For the flute collector 

The perfect marriage of old world tradition and new world design, the Powell Grenadilla Wooden Flute has the ability to transport your sound to a completely different spectrum of color. Enjoy this instrument’s warm sound and unique response with a Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold pinless mechanism. This instrument features our Modern Powell Scale and a metal headjoint tenon. Metal headjoints and wooden headjoints can be interchanged on this or any other of our instruments.  Pricing available upon request from Powell Flutes.


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