Tammy Evans Yonce: Album Review

South Dakota Flute Professor Tammy Evans Yonce released "Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice" in September 2018.  The album is essentially a beautiful collection of poems for flute solo.  Threaded with the delicate implementation of the glissando head joint in various pieces, the album explores various ways of using the head joint.  Like the lyrical titles of all the pieces suggests,  this is a delightfully creative album,  bewitchingly performed by Dr. Yonce.

The first track, "The Falling Cinders of Time" by Michael Kallstrom, begins with a melodic sweetness, exquisitely  presented by  Yonce.  Evolving into a rhythmic pattern, the piece unfolds with driving sixteenth notes.

"Fire Walk" by Jay Batzner captures the spirit of the glissando head joint with grace and charm.  Showcasing sliding notes, the piece expertly weaves between melody and pitch bends, coming together as a sonic feast for the ears.

As the title suggests, "Highways," by Andrew M. Rodriguez, sets a rhythmically driving force which is masterfully evoked by Yonce.  Mid-piece, we are introduced to several glissandos which are then added  to the rhythmic section, making for a wonderfully interesting  and engaging listening experience.  Yonce’s impressive technique presents an effective dramatic flair.

"Commendo Spiritum Meum" by Alan Theisen, also true to its title,  sets the stage as a bit of a solemn prayer, providing a tasteful palette cleanser in between works, but also stands on its own as a meditative mood piece.

"Angularities" by David Mitchell, is jovial, whimsical, and again showcases the glissando head joint, providing the listener with a whimsical and eccentric sonic-scape, with capricious glissando elements.

"Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice for Glissando Headjoint and electronics" (2013) by Jay Batzner, essentially  the title track of the album, starts as a flute solo.  When the electronics enter, they paint a dramatic landscape with a perfectly chilling and slightly haunted flavor.  Yonce’s intrinsically velvet sound effortlessly captures the gossamer veils and eerie glissando innuendo.

Finally, "Behind the Day" by Michael Kallstrom is a melodic, sweet and moving piece which after meandering, settles down and drives into a moving and mercurial passage .

This album, by featuring the glissando head joint, works almost as a "concept" album, enticing the listener into a world where pitch bends enhance the voice of the flute and encourages the use of it to add color and spice.  Each composition was carefully selected and engages the listener into a whole new realm of flute.  Tammy Evans Yonce chose a rich palette on which to showcase her engaging and sonorous sounds.

Listen to the album here:  https://tammyevansyonce.bandcamp.com/releases

1. The Falling Cinders of Time for solo flute (2011) by Michael Kallstrom

2. Fire Walk for solo Glissando Headjoint (2014) by Jay Batzner

3. Highways for solo Glissando Headjoint (2015) by Andrew M. Rodriguez

4. Commendo Spiritum Meum for solo flute (2011) by Alan Theisen

5. Angularities for solo Glissando Headjoint (2016) by David Mitchell

6. Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice for Glissando Headjoint and electronics (2013) by Jay Batzner

7. Behind the Day for solo flute (2015) by Michael Kallstrom


released September 15, 2018

All tracks produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Andrew M. Rodriguez.

Recorded on May 28th and 29th, 2018 at the Performing Arts Center at South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD.

Photography by Kate Heiberger.

Hair and Makeup by Angelique Verver.


—Viviana Guzman

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