Galway Flute Festival: Reflections of Weggis by Irina Stachinskaya

Irina Stachinskaya, Russian flutist. Winner of Rising Star 2009 prize awarded by Sir James Galway. Former principal flute Moscow Philharmonic orchestra. International soloist.


How did you meet Sir James Galway?

I was 16 when a friend of mine sent my video tape to Sir James' class in Interlaken. I was chosen as one of 20 active participants who was able to study with Sir James. And that is how the story began.

When did you first start going to Weggis?

The following year, after Interlaken in 2007, we went to Weggis with my Mom. She was invited as an official pianist and I participated as a student again.

What have you learned from him and his teachings?


Sir James is a unique person and player. From Sir James, the musician, you can get much more information just by being next to him, listening and watching his playing, and catching small details while he works with you or with the other students.

The way he teaches, puts the most of attention towards gaining a brilliant and colorful sound and having the ability to expand the borders from beyond flute playing to gaining tremendous musical ideas.


What do you love most about going to Weggis?

Weggis is a charming place located by the Lucern lake and surrounded by Swiss mountains. Switzerland is very famous about great musical activities- but at this festival you can meet the top flute players of the world, listen to a beautiful recitals, chat, and play together!


Will we see you at Weggis this year?

Yes, as a Galway alumni I will join for a couple of the last days of the festival after another festival in Kuhmo, Finland. 

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