Galway Festival Reflections: Rising Star Luna Vigni

Born in 1998, Luna Vigni has recently won the audition for the Jugend Mahler Orchestra.  She is now specializing in a second Masters degree under the guidance of Felix Renggli at Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana” in Lugano after a first Masters with Andrea Oliva.  She also has been studying with Sir James Galway since she was 13 years old.

When did you first meet Sir James? 

I attended my first masterclass in Weggis in 2011 as Lady Jeanne's student when I was 13 years old; at the end of the week I found myself in front of Sir James with Lorenzo Morrocchi playing the Rossini Overture from “Barbiere di Siviglia."


How did Sir James inspire you?
What about Sir James Galway's teaching do you love the most?

I can answer these questions together, because the "simplicity" of relationship that Sir James manifests on every occasion, especially with the students, is the most fascinating and captivating aspect of his teaching. His interest in our growth as students, having known us for many years, is not only musical but also personal. His magnetic charge has taken root on me in a simple but very decisive way, always leaving me a path to follow in my training. Musically, he has always dedicated his time and his infinite experience, stimulating me more and more emotionally, enriching my lessons with precious interpretative details and particular anecdotes about his life.

What do you love most about Weggis?

Weggis is an oasis of nature and well-being, where one can totally dedicate oneself to the world of the flute. Perhaps I can not describe in words all aspects of Weggis's experience (master classes and festivals): from the setting of a life that a flautist must have, to interacting between students from all over the world, also the knowledge and wisdom of international teachers and musicians; from the constant and daily participation in Sir James's lessons, to the sweetness and extreme availability of Lady Jeanne; from the orchestral ensemble of flutes to the possibility of trying to play many different instruments made available by the sponsors. You have the opportunity to listen to extraordinary repertoire concerts and to learn aspects of managing a performance. An infinite world of emotions blends in full with the beautiful landscapes and the harmonious atmosphere that evokes that place that has seen me grow.

Which Sir James Galway album is your favorite?

Knowing the vastness of the productions and musical styles to which Sir James has dedicated his life, it remains almost impossible to choose one, yet I often listen to his performance with Martha Argerich of C. Franck's Sonata, which moves me every time.

How about favorite Sir James moment?

It is difficult to understand what Sir James does not like to do; he gives himself totally to music but also to conviviality and relationships, always with extreme generosity. Surely the curiosity and energy that he gives to students, playing duets with us, etc.. Every moment spent near Sir James is special for the life of us young musicians. I will always thank him for having had the opportunity to meet him.

Fun at the Galway Flute Festival!

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