7 Tips for Sparking Joy in Your Practice Room

by Jolene Madewell

I don’t know about you, but nothing brings me more joy than refreshing a space. With the weather changing, it’s the perfect time to channel your inner Marie Kondo and spruce up your practice space!

Here are 7 WAYS to spark joy in your practice space:

  • Carve Out Your Space

Whether your practice space is a corner of a multi-use room or an entire room of its own, dedicating a specific space that inspires you to practice well can make a big difference. Evaluate and clarify the function of your space. For example, if it’s a combined space for office work and practicing, does your ironing board really need to live in the middle of it? Find and relocate any items that could happily live elsewhere.


  • Purge!

Finding and creating more physical space and removing distractions can boost mental clarity and add joy! Effectively purging unwanted items can take anywhere from an hour to a full week depending on your space, so allow yourself ample time to sort through everything. (If you need a boost to get started, turn on some decluttering videos!)

If you’ve seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, you’ll know that the initial category is clothing. You start by piling every item of clothing from your home onto your bed, then go through each deciding whether it sparks joy or not. The next category is books, and so on.

If you’re just looking to declutter your flute room, though, consider these categories:

      • 1. Sheet Music
      • 2. Books
      • 3. Paper
      • 4. Office Supplies / Musician/Teachers’ Accessories
      • 5. Misc. - Decor and miscellaneous items
  • Know Your Tendencies

Once you’ve purged and removed anything you don’t need, take a look at what kinds of things you removed. Was it a bunch of old receipts? Paper and old coupons that could’ve been recycled years ago? Books you’ve never read? Pausing to evaluate the types of items that turned into clutter can help you make smarter decisions about what you bring into your home and into your space.

What items do you typically leave out in piles instead of putting away after use? Are there certain surfaces or spots in your space that become a quick dumping ground? Knowing what how you habitually use your space can help in the next step.

  • Smart Systems are the Key to Staying Organized

Being organized doesn’t necessarily mean your space is pristine 100% of the time. They say that creative people are the messiest, and your space is a living environment that’s going to be used! Organization comes from having clear, dedicated homes for your belongings, and this is truly the difference between needing an hour to re-tidy versus only 10 minutes.

Are your current organizational systems working for you? Is it easy to stay organized? Are you busting at the seams with storage systems you’ve outgrown?

Know yourself and how you use your materials on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Items that are in rotation daily deserve a space all their own - especially with sheet music and books! (I love my ten-drawer rolling cart for this!)

Organizing items like sheet music into sub-categories is essential for knowing where everything goes. Labeled magazine boxes make it simple to know which box to go to find what you need without disturbing the rest of the shelf or having to sort through every item.

(Purge first and measure before buying containers!)

  • Store Things in a Way That Spark Joy

Marie Kondo suggests not just keeping items that spark joy, but also storing them in a way that sparks joy. Find storage or magazine boxes in your favorite colors or patterns. Create labels in your favorite colors and fonts. Add floating shelves, paint your filing cabinet, or arrange your books by color!

For beautifully designed organization inspiration, check out The Home Edit.

  • Joyful & Inspirational Decor

A joyful space makes practicing just a little bit more joyful, especially when it’s a reflection of you. Hang art pieces you love, add curtains, and surround yourself with your favorite colors and photos of joyful memories. Do you also teach in this space? Add personal touches that inspire and energize your students and families, too.

  • Set The Mood

Coming back to practicing with a positive mindset day after day isn’t alway easy, so be intentional about the mood you’re creating in your environment. Do you prefer bright, energizing lighting or calm, comforting lighting? Do you have the option for both? Use uplifting or relaxing essential oils in a diffuser. Find a rug that feels good under your feet. Create an atmosphere that feels good, and let it lure you in with joy each day!

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