Joidy Blanco Artist Interview

Joidy Blanco, winner of the Silver Medal (2nd Prize) at the International Tchaikovsky competition, 2nd prize winner on Markneukirchen International Competition, 3rd prize winner Guanzhou International Flute Competition (previously Nicolet Competition) and currently studying with Jacques Zoon and Salvador Martinez Tos in Madrid at the Escuela Superior de Musica de la Reina Sofia. 

When did you decide to enter the competition?

As soon as I heard from a friend that they Tchaikovsky Competition might include wind instruments this year, I was so excited, wishing that I could be a part of this wonderful experience.

Why did you enter the competition?

For years ago I had the wonderful experience to watch the whole competition on and to be honest I got so much inspiration from all the candidates, I was pretty much obsessed with everything involving this historic event and inside of me I wished that some day they would do a flute edition, so it was kind of a special dream because it was almost impossible.

Never say never.   Four years later my dream came true.

How did you prepare ?

After doing the pre-screen recordings, the results were given a bit late, so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, actually 1 month and a half to learn everything, to find the new pieces that were unknown to me, and to try as a personal challenge to learn most of it by memory… to be sincere those days I didn’t sleep or eat well.  For me it was just flute, flute, and more flute (I know it's a bit silly), the only thing that I used to do to relax, was to go to the gym, but even that was also a kind of preparation for my body.

My main support in those days, apart from my family, were my two teachers Jacques Zoon and Salvador Martinez Tos.  I had them by my side, helping prepare musically and mentally, giving me so much support and love.  I’m really grateful to have them.

What was the atmosphere like at the competition?

In general I felt that the atmosphere was full of friendship, dedication, and professionalism, and also I felt a great organization on behalf of the Tchaikovsky competition team.  I got to meet many of my friends there, and to hear many wonderful performances, not only flute players.  I enjoyed it all very much and I hope that these kinds of competitions will continue for a while.

How has winning impacted your career so far?

Winning a prize? Apart from receiving many invitations to play in concerts and festivals, I would say that the biggest impact from the competition, is realizing how important is the classical music world, how so many people were happy because they got to hear everything and meet the candidates via social media and  Also for me, meeting many musicians that I have admired so much since I was a child.  Also, it made me think that we musicians need to be very grateful, because we have the best job in the world.  Sharing music and happiness is something that makes people happy and makes the world a better place to live.

What are your thoughts about competitions in general?

I know that some people don’t like the idea of competitions in general,  but for me it's one of the best ways to learn, because you get to play so many pieces for the first or 10th time encountering different difficulties that will make you grow as a musician.  You get to play in different music halls, during early hours or pretty late at night.  You get to share moments with different musicians and pianists.  You will feel inspired on so many levels.

Also, it is such a beautiful thing to feel the support coming from the audience and the other competitors.  It gives you so much energy that will help you practice even more everyday, in order to become the most incredible version of yourself.

So, I really recommend people try competitions at least once in your life.

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