Viviana Guzman and Saving the Vaquita Porpoise

Described by the New York Times as "an imaginative artist," Chilean-born multi-instrumentalist Viviana Guzman performs over 80 concerts a year throughout the world. Her last recording, "Traveling Sonata," received a GRAMMY Nomination.  She presented a very well-received TEDxBerkeley Talk  speaking just before Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, Inc.  She has been featured on nationwide programs on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Good Morning America, CNN,  and NPR, has been seen on the cover of Latina Style Magazine, as well as in COSMOPOLITAN en Español.  Viviana has performed in 130 countries, and in all 7 continents.  Her YouTube channel boasts 2.4 million views. Viviana Guzman teaches flute at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Internationally touring musician, Viviana Guzman, released  "Song of the Whale,” in July 2017 featuring music of flute and whales. The seven track album of mostly original music mixes the calming and sometimes haunting sound of the native american flute with the vocalizations of humpback whales, which evokes the mysterious, majestic and sometimes playful aspects of the largest creatures the world has ever known.  The final track is Arvo Pärt’s haunting “Spiegel im Spiegel” as played by Viviana Guzman on flute and piano.

CD Release To Help Save the Vaquita Porpoise

The new album, released in digital and CD formats.  After her video, "Whale Bumps FluteQueen PaddleBoarder” went viral last summer, Viviana attended the American Cetacean Society Conference in November 2016.  Here, Viviana learned of the plight of the Vaquita Porpoise, a critically endangered small dolphin whose range is limited to the northern part of the Sea of Cortez bordering Baja California. Barbara Taylor’s lecture at the conference, featuring Sean Bogle’s film about the unfortunate situation of the Vaquita, served as an immediate call to action for Viviana.


At the time of recording of the album, there were only an estimated 30 Vaquitas left on the planet. The Vaquitas get trapped in the fishing gill nets while fishermen illegally fish for the Totoaba, another endangered species, highly sought after in Asia for their swim bladder.  As a last attempt to save these small dolphins, the Mexican Government has banned the use of gill nets.  Leonardo DiCaprio has also used his celebrity to meet with and enlist the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim to establish efforts to save the Vaquitas.


This CD was recorded with hopes of spreading awareness of the plight of the Vaquita Porpoise.  All proceeds gained from the sales of the album will be donated to and


This year, the National Geographic movie, award-winning, SEA OF SHADOWS, portrays a multinational team of scientists, activists, journalists and undercover agents going up against drug cartels and illegal traffickers to save the most endangered whale on Earth. In select theaters July 12, 2019.  Sea of Shadows is directed by Richard Ladkani, and Executive Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.  





Viviana Guzman in Campanil

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