Marianna Julia Żołnacz Artist Interview

Marianna Julia Żołnacz is a polish flutist currently studying at the University "Mozarteum" in Salzburg in Professor  Michael Martin Kofler. She is the laureat of over  50 competitions- including the Carl Nielsen International Competition, Kobe International Flute Competition, and The International Flute Competition Guangzhou. She was this year's Rising Star at the 2019 Galway Flute Festival.

When did you first meet Sir James Galway?

I met Sir James for the first time when I was 14 years old girl - during the 2013 Galway Flute Festival. I have heared about him many years earlier and it was my big dream to meet and to be able to play for the flute Legend.

How has Sir James has inspired you?

At the beginning of my musical education my parents bought me the first flute CD. It was "The Magic Flute of James Galway." It very quickly became my favourite CD and I was listening to it even during doing homework or in the car. I know this CD by heart. I liked it very much. It was one of the first reasons why I fell in love with my instrument. Sir James was my first inspiration and he is still my mentor throughout all those years.

What is it about his teaching that you love the most?

Sir James finds the problem and shows you the way to solve it. He demands a technic precision, he tries to extract the best from his students and in the same time he supports them and motives to further work. I appreciate his sense of humor as well- during classes and afterwards.

What do you love most about Weggis?

What I love most about Weggis is the atmosphere. Kind, inspiring people, who share the passion with you. The possibility of listening to the concerts and having lessons with best flutists from all over the world. And of course the surrounding itself- lake, mountains and a beautiful landscapes everywhere around.

Which Sir James album is your favorite?

There are many great CDs of Sir James. So many, that I wouldn’t be able to pick my favourite one. But the one, which I remember best and treat with a big sentiment is „the Magic Flute of James Galway”- my first flute CD.

How about favorite Sir James Galway moment?

I have many memories with Sir James which are very special to me. But one of the best memories from last month is the surpise celebration after the "Rising Stars" concert. Other students made it especially for us. We were so surprised, happy and grateful! Sir James, Lady Jeanne, Luna and I were crowned. Everytime I see the photo of 4 of us with crowns on our heads I smile.

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