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Interview with Geneva Competition Finalist, Yubeen Kim

1. How does it feel to be in the Finals of the Geneva Competition?

First, I'm so honered to be in the Final of this competition.
And I'm so happy to play the music in the Finals of this great competition.

2. What have you learned from being a part of the Geneva Competition?

In spite of the competition, I wasn't amazingly so nervous.
Because I felt the audience came here to enjoy music.
So I really tried to let them enjoy by hearing my music.
I also learned the way to communicate with them through this competition.
And it was also my great experience to play 10 pieces or so by memory.

3. What do you expect or hope for Monday's performance?

I'm very pleased to have a performance in the wonderful hall with Orchestra.
I'd like to present the audience my music to make them happy.
I'm looking forward to playing on Monday with the other good players.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Geneva Competition Finalist, Yubeen Kim

  • lowflutEs

    Congratulations to all three finalists! This is like the ultimate marathon for flute players and no matter who is declared “first,” all three are winners.

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