Post Geneva Competition Interview with Yubeen Kim

How did you feel the day of the competition?

I'm very honored to have a performance in the wonderful Victoria hall.  Because of the last day in the competition, I thought I would do my best.  So, I was really nervous, overlapping with a variety of emotions.  I was very surprised at the crowded audience in this wide hall.  I appreciated that a lot of audience came to hear the music.  My aim was to go down in the stage with great pleasure through my performance with lots of preparation.  With this in mind, I really enjoyed myself and I was pleased with my satisfying performance.


What did you learn from the competition?

In this competition, I learned the way of communicating with audience through music.

In spite of the different nationalities, countries, and languages, we could be united into music.  I think we communicate impression, pleasure, and transmission of feelings by means of music.  There are still more things to learn how to communicate with the audience, but I had a great chance to learn more in this Geneva competition.


Would you recommend competitions in general?

I think it is a good idea to participate in the competition often, not focused on the prize and winning, but with the thought of finding something to learn and showing the well-prepared performance through lots of practice. That is to say, I think it is right to participate in the competition with a good mind of showing a wonderful performance, not with just competition.


When did you start playing flute?

I started playing flute when I was 9 years old.


Do you play other instruments?

Yes, I can play the piano and I like to play the piano when I practice the flute, because I can work on the pitch at the same time.


Who were your teachers?

I studied with Soyoung Lee and Chang-kook Kim in Korea, and I was studying with Philippe Bernold last year in Lyon but he left to Paris, so I'm studying now with José-Daniel Castellon in Lyon.


At what age did you start performing?  

I performed in some national competitions in Korea when I was 9 years old.


Do you have any special memorizing techniques to share with us?

When we start reading a piece of music, I sing the notes of the music to avoid having any mistakes. And then we can listen to many versions of the piece. I think It's very important to have many moments for play by memory without sheet music of course.


 What are your goals for this coming year?

I want to participate in the other coming competitions, so I will prepare even harder.

Yubeen Kim
Yubeen Kim
photo by Anne-laure Lechat

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