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Inspiration, Innovation, and the “Flutebox®?”

Whenever I teach or lecture, I feel that I always learn more about myself, whether it be musically or, in this case, entrepreneurially.  Part of the reason I love speaking to college students about myself and the brands I've created is not only to inspire them, but also to draw inspiration from them.  As I just finished giving 2 lectures at NYU for both grad and undergrad music students, I reflected on some of the key points I made to the students. Since my work on Fluterscooter bags has cut down due to my 3 recent distributorships, I have a lot more free time to think about what is next for the Fluterscooter brand and to develop some ideas.

One thing I touched on in my talks is the importance of truly believing in your idea, however crazy, silly, or difficult it may sound at this moment. This is one of the things that sets apart those who will succeed and those who won't. Many are afraid to try out their ideas due to the possibility of failure, or simply just not believing in themselves enough. What you might not know about me is that I've had many ideas that I tried that didn't work out. (I don't like to ever say "failed.") Those ideas that didn't work out for me became either stepping stones for other ones, or they led to better opportunities. So, if you have a passion that you'd like to turn into an entrepreneurial project, GO FOR IT!

I also always mention the importance of using all the new platforms and technology we have. As we are all online, and e-commerce is easier than it's ever been, there are so many new avenues to explore. I think it is such an exciting time with all our web resources fastly advancing.

Lastly, we learn from what the innovators are doing: finding a niche but also finding room in that niche to develop something that isn't currently there.  I use Robert Dick and his Glissando Headjoint as an example.  Our headjoints either come in gold, silver, or platinum, but how about one that could sound like a Whammy Bar for guitar?  Robert took the idea, ran with it, and his Glissando headjoint is now a much coveted item by any flutist who plays rock, jazz, or new music.  There was room to create this product since nothing like it existed.

So, with these things in mind, I recently came up with a business idea I'd like to share with you and to see if it is something that you, as a flute community, would be interested in. If you think it's something you'd like, cool.  If not, onto the next.  Comments and feedback are certainly welcome.

Monthly subscription boxes have been hot for awhile now.  With everything from Kawaiibox (my personal favorite) to Birchbox and Kitnipbox, there is really something for everyone....except for flutists.

* FLUTEBOX®: a monthly subscription box of flute goodies.  A custom picked (by me!) box of flute goodies, different each month, with everything from flute jewelry, new sheet music by (living) composers, makeup, new music (CDs or download cards), and the latest in flute accessories (flute stands, swabs, cleaning cloths, flags, etc..)

Is Flutebox something you'd sign up for?

3 thoughts on “Inspiration, Innovation, and the “Flutebox®?”

  • What a fun idea…the Flutebox. Like a bark box, only more cool. Great idea. I might consider signing up, it is a great idea for a gift for another flutists, too. Way to go, Scooter.

  • ChelseaKaye

    Hi there! I have never personally signed up for a monthly subscription, but I know I love getting mail. I recently won a photo contest through the Haynes Flute instagram during NFA and was thrilled to receive so much flute swag in the mail!
    I think this is a great idea, and it would be interesting to see who/what you could collaborate with to make this accessible to flutists of all sorts of ages.

    I LOVE your statement of running with an idea, and sticking to it no matter how crazy it is. You can always trim down an idea to make it realistic, but it is much more difficult to bring life to a dull one!

    Great post,
    Chelsea Kaye Lanphear

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