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Leonard Garrison, Parisian Impressions

Leonard Garrison1Parisian Impressions- Leonard Garrison, flute and Roger Mcvey, piano

In honor of the creative, beautiful and noble spirit of Paris I decided to tell you about Leonard Garrison’s latest CD, Parisian Impressions.  In this collection Garrison presents pieces by 19th and 20th century composers who spent most of their lives in Paris or its environs, teaching at various conservatories and composing widely. The album is presented as a collection of pieces suitable for intermediate level flutists before they tackle the famous Paris Conservatory pieces.  There are works by some composer’s who are well known to flutist’s such as Arthur Honegger-Romance, Henri Busser-Petite Suite,  Charles-Edouard Lefebre-Deux Pieces, and Johannes Donjon- Offertoire and Pan!.  Some composer’s whose music I’ve never heard,  Claude Arrieu with a beautiful “Sonatine” and Victor Alphonse Duvernoy’s” Deux morceaux” among others. It’s refreshing to hear these works, and a reminder of the beauty of the French flute tradition and its importance to flutist’s today.  Garrison plays them stylishly with just the right expression and insouciance, never overdone with lovely tone and rhythm!

Garrison writes the extensive program notes, giving us information on all 12 composers so that we get a sense of a century of Parisian flute players and professors.

-Barbara Siesel

The album is produced by Albany Records,

Leonard Garrison

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