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Lindsey Goodman: Album Review

Returning to Heights Unseen, Navona Records - Lindsey Goodman, flute.

Lindsey Goodman’s second solo album, Returning to Heights Unseen, will be of interest to any flutist. Her interpretations are confident, clear, and convincing. Goodman’s tone is versatile and changes to support the musical message of each piece. There is an easy virtuosity about her playing, which makes these pieces sound approachable; the listener can enjoy without being reminded of or distracted by the considerable technique required to execute these works. These new works commissioned by Goodman represent an important collection, mostly comprising electroacoustic works, and those flutists who enjoy contemporary music will be well-served to explore scores of these pieces and to consider programming them on upcoming performances.

Specifically, Elainie Lillios’s Sleep’s Undulating Tide is a knockout; incorporating flute; live, interactive electronics; and a vocal part for the flutist, the textures created in this work are especially striking. The sonic world it creates is transfixing and is a real pleasure to experience. Also compelling is Tony Zilincik’s I Asked You for solo flute and fixed media. Again, like the Lillios, this is a work that incorporates voice. However, in this situation Goodman’s voice is sampled to create a variety of sounds that can be heard in both of its movements.

Overall, this is an excellent album of compelling works expertly performed.

Track Listing

Separation Logic for flute and live computer processing (2013) - Roger Dannenberg

A Wedding Prayer for two flutes (2004) - David Stock

I Asked You for solo flute and fixed media (2016) - Tony Zilincik I. Everything I Love

II. I Play Music

Sleep’s Undulating Tide for flute and live interactive electroacoustics (2016) - Elainie Lillios

Demon/Daemon for solo flute (2016) - Linda Kernohan
The Line of Purples for flute and pre-recorded electronics (2015) - Randall Woolf

suspicion of nakedness for flute (2012) - Roger Zahab

For the Fallen for amplified flute and electronics (2017) - Judith Shatin

--Tammy Evans Yonce

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