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CD Review: Concerto 2000 by Jan Järvlepp

The flute world has a sensational concerto at the helm.  Jan Järvlepp’s Concerto 2000 is an extraordinary and colorful new work, highly recommended for every flutist’s repertoire list.  Canadian composer and longtime Navona Records artist, Jan Jarvlepp, is known for his neo-tonal style and rejection of the avant-garde modernism that he was trained in at university.  Jan is a forward-thinking artist. CONCERTO 2000 is Jan’s first full album release with PARMA, and was released on June 26, 2020.

The CD features flutist, Pascale Margely (Artist), Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra (Artist), Zagreb Festival Orchestra (Artist), Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (Artist), Jan Jarvlepp (Composer), Ivan Josip Skender (Conductor), Stanislav Vavrinek (Conductor), Petr Vronsky (Conductor).

The first movement, Caliente  (meaning “hot” in Spanish), is  riveting and mesmerizing.  Using unique percussion choices, and hand clapping (yes, hand clapping!), the work entices from the first note.  Jan Járvlepp’s Caliente is electrifying!  In this recording, Pascale Margely presents us with a spellbinding edition of this gripping work.  The trumpet solo, midway in the movement, offers a regal proclamation before the flute continues with the marcato quasi flamenco flute line to the end.  Pascale Margely displays her exceptional technique and articulation.

Nocturne is an engrossing and mournful tone poem.  Pascale Margely’s beautiful, mellifluous sound soars above the strings, giving the movement an extra bewitching element. Visceral by nature, this movement sends chills and tugs the wounded soul. The harp and percussion offer a slight change in the atmosphere, yet never leaving the dark and engrossing landscape.  The interweaving flute and strings arrive at a piercing climax which then falls gracefully as announced by the vibraphone and the movement finishes with a meandering and injured flute.

The third movement Fire, Ice & Vodka is upbeat and folk song sounding.  The wonderful and unexpected cheering voices heard from the orchestra members offer a refreshing and distinctive tapestry to the final movement of the Concerto 2000.  Pascale Margely's alluring tone and impeccable craftsmanship offer a fantastic interpretation of this most extraordinary and enthralling work.

Jan Järvlepp is a maverick composer who knows how to produce exquisite sonic landscapes.  His CD entitled, Concerto 2000, offers a variety of new symphonic works, of which, the flute concerto, is a guaranteed show stopper.

-Viviana Guzman


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