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Book Review: Flamenco Study Book by Oscar de Manuel

Oscar de Manuel: Best show of the year in the North of France with "Lágrimas de Sal" symphonic flamenco. Composer Oscar de Manuel. St.Vaast Cathedral, Bethune, France. “Filón” Award for the best Flamenco instrumentalist. International Festival of Cante de las Minas being second prize in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Musical Director of the Museum of PHI in Guayaquil, Ecuador, inaugurated in 2015 and where there are 14 works of SONOR ART. Director and coordinator of the International Flamenco Seminars at the Cante de las Minas International Festival 2014-2017. Flamenco Flutist and Musical Director of the tour "Las Minas Puerto Flamenco" in 24 Spanish cities plus Tokyo, New Delhi, Mumbai, Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, Toronto, Bolivia, Mexico and Ecuador. Gala at the Gran Teatro Real in Madrid televised on Spanish Television TVE2. 2015-2016. Composer and Musical Director of the show "Tarantos" by Masami Okada, National Prize of Japan, together with Esperanza Fernández, Miguel Angel Cortés, David Coria and Jonathan Miró, 2016.

Did you know that the Tango, so well known in Buenos Aires, actually has it's beginnings in Flamenco music in Spain? Flutist/composer, Oscar de Manuel has written a Flamenco Study Book entitled "TANGOS" complete with the theory, rhythms and melodies.

To improvise on the flute, like in jazz, it is important to be familiar with the harmony, rhythm and melody of the flamenco piece. The book outlines everything. Flamenco uses the modes such as Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, etc. The book dives in and explains in detail all about the theory behind traditional flamenco music, and in this particular case, the TANGOS.  There are Tangos from Triana, Granada, Cádiz, Garrotín.

The book provides the details on which rhythms and accents used in the typical clapping or "palmas". For example, provided here is an example of a Tangos Rhythm:






The first exercises in the book are basic and each one is explained with great detail. In addition, each exercise comes with a downloadable track so you can practice along with the flamenco accompaniment.

This is a fantastic book with which to step slowly into the world of flamenco flute. Easy to read, fun to practice, intuitively presented, to make you an instant flamenco player. Download the PDF and audio track now and get a 20% discount by entering the following coupon code: "thefluteview" here.


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