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Living Legend Sir James Galway

Be sure to wish Sir James Galway a Happy Birthday on December 8th.  Join the Living Legend for his Birthday Celebration Weekend online January 15 -16, 2022!

Can you give us 5 words of wisdom?  Dedication - Diligence - Focus - Positivity - Flexibility
What must a young flutist have in order make a career in the flute business? Dedication 
What is your favorite thing that you are doing these days? I am focusing on keeping healthy, cooking and practicing
What is the most boring thing that you are doing these days? I don’t get bored.  I find enjoyment in all I do. 
What is keeping you busy right now? Various Publishing projects - I am currently working on how to practice Taffanel & Gaubert.
If you were not a flutist, what would you be doing? A pianist
What surprises you about people?  Their generosity of spirit
What makes you laugh no matter what? A good joke or a Laurel & Hardy Movie
What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?  Left the London Symphony 
Which concert hall is your favorite?  Vienna Musikverein 
Which airport is your favorite?  Zurich
Favorite food?  Sushi
Favorite drink?  A glass of good Bordeaux 
Is there a country you have not visited that you are curious about?  The Philippines
Three secrets to flute success for a young student? There are no secrets to success.  For me, my journey has been one of total dedication, perseverance,  many hours of well organized practice and striving for perfect intonation.

Join Lady Jeanne Galway and Guest Artists for Sir James' Birthday Festival Weekend! 
Special weekend events include Masterclasses with Sir James, Lady Galway and Guest Artists;  Virtual Concert Performances; Q&A sessions; Interviews; Community Chat; closing Birthday Celebrations and more….
Guest Artists
All events will be recorded and available to view until 28th February 2022.


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