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Whisper CD by Suzanne Teng

Suzanne Teng is a flutist, recording artist and music educator who has released six critically acclaimed albums with her husband and music partner Gilbert Levy that have won numerous international awards including the Independent Music Awards (twice), International Acoustic Music Awards, Los Angeles Music Awards, Global Music Awards, Akademia Music Awards, Peace Song Awards and the New Mexico Music Awards.  Suzanne is a low flutes specialist and also plays an extensive array of flutes from around the world, Her playing was featured on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and can be heard on hundreds of film and television soundtracks, commercials, music recordings and videos. She has appeared on national television, including live performances on several of CBS’s Survivor finale shows that have been viewed by over 70 million viewers.

Whisper, nine tracks of soothing expressive instrumentals, was written during the pandemic, when times were (and still can be) very lonely and frightening. We wanted to create soothing, gentle, and quiet music that helped comfort those who listened to it. We discovered that within the intimate and serene music that was coming out was a deep emotional expression that was healing for us and we hope will be healing for our listeners as well.
Whisper, the title track, feels so quiet and gentle to us, it feels like a whisper. It inspired us to name the album Whisper - Music that is soft, breathy and gentle, with a message to be heard.
We wrote and recorded one of our favorite tracks, Sweet Jack, a few days after our beloved 13 year old sweet hound dog crossed the rainbow bridge. Our hearts were open and tender when we sat down to record our musical feelings in dedication to our sweet boy. The song came together in one sitting and so accurately reflects not only our missing him but expresses the joy he brought to us with his love, his playful personality and gentle soul. He would always come into the studio when we were recording, settling down with a little groan and the occasional thumping tail. We still feel him with us and dedicate this song to him, Sweet Jack. 
Birgitte on the Steps is an expression of love. We watched the Danish series Borgen and were moved by a scene with Birgitte sitting on the steps in her home feeling the love for her family. Spending so much time with just the three of us (the third being our son, Miles) during this past year, we feel our bond stronger than ever.
Watching Us From Other Worlds is a line from a poem that our son wrote when he was eight.
Ode to Dead Animals 
by Miles Teng-Levy 
Still and cold.
Furry and soft.
Large or small, cute or ugly.
No matter which you will be Remembered!
Waiting for the day to pass!
Bringing tears to eyes… Watching us from Other Worlds!
We always loved that line and when we added Dann’s amazing other-worldly ambient guitar work, this seemed like the perfect time to finally use it as a song title.
Winter Prayer was the first song that we recorded for this new album. It was recorded during the challenging winter at the peak of Covid-19. It is a prayer for those who suffered or may still be suffering from the hardships they’ve experienced with the hopes that their hard times will improve.
Genesis features Gilbert on the NovaPan metal hand drum in this dreamy journey to the beginning of…
She Dances with the Sea features a magnificent Celtic harpist, Bobbie Jo Curley, who lives with her husband on a boat as they travel the seas. They travel with her instruments and his recording studio and recorded her wonderful harp track out on the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian islands.”
White Buffalo features Suzanne playing her Woodsounds bass Native American flute. It is a tribute to the mighty White Buffalo.
Gammapana is a journey through time and space, landing in a peaceful place of calm and serenity.
Soundlinks: https://suzanneteng.hearnow.com (all links in one place)

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