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More Than Just Flute Sales – The New ClubFCNY

Flute Center of New York’s Alex Xeros shares his exciting plans for the ClubFCNY teacher community 

I joined the Flute Center of New York (FCNY) team in 2020 and was excited to learn more about their offerings, including a club for teachers called ClubFCNY. I immediately noticed how easy and rewarding the purchasing process was for ClubFCNY teachers and their students. There are so many perks for the teachers and students alike, including free shipping, discounts, commissions, studio funds and more. The more flute teachers I worked with, the more I was inspired to ask –– what could FCNY do to uplift and empower these incredible teachers? How could I help serve this dynamic community?  With these questions in mind, I became the first official ClubFCNY Coordinator so that I could act as a dedicated liaison and launch exciting new initiatives for ClubFCNY teachers.

Our first big initiative was to expand the options for how teachers receive their consultation fees. The Flute Center has always been transparent about the benefits of ClubFCNY, including the consultation fees we pay teachers. This information is available on our website at all times along with the full terms of ClubFCNY. Some teachers have shared their preference for an alternative to cash payouts, so we created ClubFCNY Studio Funds. Teachers can choose to have consultation fees accumulate as Studio Funds, acting as an FCNY credit on the teachers’ account. Studio Funds can be used to purchase sheet music, accessories, and even instruments designated for flute studios. Studio Funds can also be awarded to students as scholarships toward the purchase of their choice.

Next, I helped bring to fruition the interactive ClubFCNY Teacher Map. Every day our team helps dozens of flutists find their flute, but we didn’t have a great way of helping students find a new teacher - until now! ClubFCNY teachers can opt to have their contact information listed on the ClubFCNY Teacher Map. Teachers can also include their preferred student level, methods of communication, available virtual teaching opportunities, and their location (just a zip code - the teacher’s exact address remains private). The ClubFCNY Teacher Map has allowed teachers to grow their studios and attract students from around the world!

If there’s anything that all flutists have in common, it’s a love and appreciation for our teachers. Our flute teachers have given us so much more than tips on how to play the flute and that is what I wish to showcase in our new Teacher Spotlight Series. In each interview, a ClubFCNY teacher shares their story and the secrets to their success. The series is equal parts inspiring, uplifting, and fun. If you know a teacher with a story to tell, or if you are interested in sharing yours, please reach out to me at alex@flutecenter.com.

ClubFCNY Teacher Spotlight Playlist

Many concerts have been canceled over the last two years and FCNY wanted to provide an opportunity for our teachers to perform and celebrate each other’s artistry. To that end, we hosted our first ClubFCNY Teacher’s Recital! It can be viewed on our Facebook or YouTube pages. Flute teachers from all over the country sent in their performances, which we compiled together into a virtual performance. It was a hit! Plans are already underway for the next one, so reach out to us if you want to take part.

ClubFCNY Teacher Recital

The Flute Center of New York is a flute shop and so much more. We strive to serve and foster the flute community. I am honored to be able to contribute to that mission via ClubFCNY. If you aren’t a member yet, we would love to have you join. There are no fees, gimmicks or strings attached, just industry-leading service and perks for you and your students. You can find all of the information and an application to join at flutecenter.com.


Upcoming Teacher Spotlight with Cara Dailey


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