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Hideko Amano Artist Interview

Hideko Amano maintains a successful private studio in the Chicago area where her students have won many competitions and went on to study at major conservatories/universities. She teaches at Carthage College, Harper College, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Northeastern Illinois University and Midwest Young Artist Conservatory. Her teachers include Susan Levitin (Chicago), Paula Robison (Boston), and Mathieu Dufour (Paris and Chicago).

Can you give us 5 career highlights?
Paula Robison took a few of her students from NEC to perform with her at the Metropolitan Museum in NY. I was one of them.

I was invited by Mary Stolper to assist and teach freshman and sophomore students at DePaul University in Chicago for 4 years.

I was invited to the Festival International of flutists in Peru by Maestro Vivanco and met Viviana Guzman!

Two of my students won the Crain-Maling Foundation Chicago Symphony Orchestra Young Artist Competition and performed with CSO as soloists.

It was a dream come true to create and establish my own summer camp for high school students at Midwest Young Artist Conservatory. This summer will be our 16th year.

How about 3 pivotal moments that were essential to creating the artist that you've become?
When I attended Paula Robison’s performance at the NFA convention in Washington D.C. in the 90's, she performed the Liebermann Flute Sonata as the headliner of their Gala concert. She enchanted me and thousands of other flutists. The music was haunting at first and turned energetic as you created the image of spirited flames on the stage.

I had a privilege to study with Mathieu Dufour both in Paris, France and Chicago. His emphasis of teaching was the anatomy of flute playing which creates the beautiful tone effortlessly.
When I moved to the United States at age 12, I only knew how to write alphabet in English. I learned that music is a universal language that we can communicate without speaking the language. I learned to appreciate music deeper and started using it as my own tool of expressing myself.

What do you like best about performing?
Performing is a way of communication without words but the emotions are definitely perceived

What does your schedule look like for the next 6 months?
2 summer workshops. In the fall, I will start teaching again at 4 colleges ( the same as now) as an adjunct professor and 2 youth organizations in addition to my private studio.

What are your goals personally? Professionally?

My goals are to give more faculty recitals at these institutions.

What inspires you the most in life?

Listening to great artists and attending their concerts takes me to another world.

What has been your professional greatest challenge?
I consider my flute career to be 90% teaching. My greatest professional challenge is to stay refreshed and keep growing myself as well. I wish to have more practice time for and learn new repertoire.

What has been your personal greatest challenge?
Balancing my family and work.

Who were your music mentors? and what did you learn from them?
Paula Robison-
Music beyond the notes! Taking us to a different world and another dimension of the artistic world.

Mary Stolper-
I learned how to teach college level students with great system of musical organization, communication, and both academic and emotional support.

Patricia George- I watched and learned how a pedagogical guru teaches!

Susan Levitin- I learned to teach younger students with passion and dedication.

Can you give us 5 quirky, secret, fun, (don't think too much about this) hobbies or passions?
Cooking, Baking, Organizing household, Walking dogs, and listening to my daughter sing.

What 3 things would you offer as advice for a young flutist?
Believe in yourself

Never Give Up

Find what you are exceptionally good at and follow your heart.

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