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How To Be Your Own Agent – The eBook!


by Morgan Pappas 


I created this eBook to provide an accessible step-by-step guide to becoming your own Agent.

As someone who is currently an active Agent, Manager, and Producer, I recognize the amount of patience and perseverance that is needed to navigate the music industry.

I begin this eBook with "Identifying your Artistic Identity" because I genuinely believe your “why" (why you are a musician/ why you wish to share your music) must govern and direct your path through this journey.

With your "why" in mind, I offer strategic steps for branding, marketing, networking, communicating, booking, and presenting your music. Ultimately, the concert, the performance, is the goal of music, and with dedication and consistency, you can book your own concerts and have a sustainable career.

This eBook is perfect for college students, ensembles, and any musician wanting to book more concert engagements. Becoming your own agent will provide you with an insurmountable amount of experience to better understand the industry. This step-by-step method will help you stay organized, incorporating a pointed focus for your vision, and foster an understanding of creating meaningful connections that transfer to paid concert engagements.

Do not wait for an Agent to "discover" you; start your process now to get ahead, build a name for yourself, and perfect your performance craft!


What’s included:

  • Journal prompts for defining your artistic identity.

  • Glossary of important industry terms.

  • Tips for creating a marketable program.

  • Branding guidelines.

  • Email communication advice and strategy.

  • Networking tips.

  • Booking tips.

  • Advice on fee and contract negotiation.

  • Contract and Tech Rider details.

  • Sample timelines.

  • Organizational tips.

How To Be Your Own Agent is currently on sale at a discounted price until February 7th! Purchase the eBook here.

About the Author

Morgan draws on her innate professionalism and organizational strengths to help musicians, artists, and presenters actualize and elevate their creative visions. She is currently the Executive Director for Marsalis Mansion Artists, an artist agency representing a distinct selection of musical groups and talented artists.

Her background in the music industry has included roles such as Director of the Galway Flute Festival led by Sir James and Lady Galway, Director of Operations for the Rodney Marsalis Philadelphia Big Brass, Sales Manager/ Resident Flutist at Flute Center of New York, Editor for The Flute View, Concert Producer at venues such as Carnegie Hall, and Social Media Manager for internationally acclaimed artists and brands.

Backed by invaluable experience, her consulting expertise will guide you through the fundamental facets of the music business. Her diverse music career caters to artistic professionals seeking to express their talent empowered by creative excellence and intelligent strategy.


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