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Isabelle Bodenseh CD Release – Flowing Mind

Isabelle Bodenseh: Flowing Mind (GLM Records, February 3rd)

Jazz flute meets Hammond organ trio on ’s “Flowing Mind” (GLM Records) this February, celebrating the reinvigoration and relief shared by many after the Coronavirus pandemic.

The period saw the flautist face adversity on two fronts. The first, a total shutdown of performances,  was shared by many. But the virus also caused her to lose her breath, the basis of her craft and livelihood as a flute player.

The waves of adrenaline she felt traveling to her first gig post-pandemic released an inner dam, both of creativity (hence the album's name) and easing her breathing. 

Historically the preferred soloist of the classic organ trio lineup has been the tenor saxophone, but Bodenseh’s stylistic idioms and extended flute techniques provide a refreshingly new take on the format. 

Influenced by her classical training, love for the jazz tradition, and time spent in Cuba studying the Afro-Cuban style, the album presents a series of original compositions performed by an ensemble of long-term collaborators and dear friends. 

Frequent shifts in texture and mood create the space for each ensemble member to make their mark on the record’s voice. Adventurous improvisation, bubbling, laid-back grooves, and confidently lyrical compositions come together to convey Bodenseh’s sense of joy through embracing her creativity after a long period of darkness.


Isabelle Bodenseh | Flutes Thomas Bauser | Hammond Organ Lorenzo Petrocca | Guitar  Lars Binder | Drums Hilde Singer-Biedermann | Violin (Track 9) Ruth Sarrazin | Cello (Track 9)

Private Streaming: Soundcloud

WAVs: download here | Photos: download here

Artist website: https://www.isabellebodenseh.de/

Track Listing 

  1. Confluting 
  2. ASAP 
  3. Flowing Mind 
  4. Molecular Cooking 
  5. Dog Rose 
  6. Mediterranean Sea 
  7. Sans Moi 
  8. Chilli Challi 
  9. Flowing Mind (Bonus Track)

Flautist Isabelle Bodenseh moves across borders in the fields of jazz, rock, classical, and world music. 

The half-French, half-German realized early on that studies in classical music with the aim of becoming an orchestra musician were not enough. She found what she was looking for in jazz and improvised music and, after studies in Frankfurt in the early 1990s, continued down the 'free' path studying with jazz flutist and composer James Newton in Los Angeles. 
After six months in the home country of jazz, she moved on to Cuba. In Havana, thanks to a one-year scholarship, she was not only able to learn Latin flute from the most renowned Cuban musicians, but also to study composition with Andrés Alén and go on concert tours with Cuban bands. 
Since then, Bodenseh has used her international musical expertise in many different projects. She has appeared in formations such as Chantal, Verquer, Son Aché, La Serena and with the Sisters in Jazz International, as well as being a theater and studio musician in over 30 productions, which also include CD playalongs for the renowned Schott-Notenverlag.

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