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Tim Henning Lüttge CD Releases JOY & THE INNER VOICE

Tim Henning Lüttge was born in Bielefeld/Germany, was first a junior student with Prof. Michael Achilles and then studied flute and music education at the music academies in Detmold and Cologne, after which he was a scholarship holder with the solo flutist of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Andreas Blau. He also received further important impulses from Sir James Galway. Lüttge has won numerous prizes at national and international competitions and has participated as a soloist and orchestral musician in numerous CD productions, radio and television recordings e.g. with the Berlin Philharmonic, the orchestras of the NDR Hamburg, the WDR Cologne, and the Cologne Chamber Orchestra. His program of classical music, film titles, and sophisticated pop music brings him to the world's great concert halls as a soloist.



1. How did the concept for your albums develop?

The Inner Voice

With the album "The Inner Voice," I wanted to produce a modern album that would appeal to many young and old listeners and show the flute's great artistic impact and expressive power as an absolute solo instrument.

It should be an album with many emotional nuances, pieces from different musical areas, and high-quality arrangements paired with the highest standards of flute technique and artistic expression.

In our many joint concerts, my pianist Yun Xu and I have made the experience that especially the younger generation feels more familiar with modern music, such as pop ballads and well-known Disney titles, and can then open up all the more to classical music.

I am very happy that a really unusual record full of contrasts and different works from the most diverse musical eras has been created.


With my album "JOY," created as part of my first production of "The Inner Voice", I share my great passion for Disney and pop songs with you. They are titles that touch me and others.

Many years ago, I started performing these wonderful pieces in front of people in prestigious luxury resorts from the Mediterranean to the Maldives. My idea then was to replace the vocals of the songs with the flute and reinterpret them.

Since the sound of my instrument is very closely linked to the breath and the human soul, it comes amazingly close to singing and can effortlessly convey my sensations.

I have had and continue to have a wonderful experience at these concerts: people who normally listen to little classical music open up to these titles and are immediately enthusiastic.

The sensitivity and receptiveness for a classical instrument thus become increasingly greater. The audience is interested in classical music because I pick them up on what they know from movies and the radio.

And that is exactly my goal: I want to inspire people of all ages for my instrument and for music in general.

These beautiful experiences at the concerts triggered the desire to produce an album with pop and Disney titles to reach even more people.

I am happy that with my sound engineer Martin Rust a recording of high artistic quality has been created, which shows what a touching effect the flute can have as an extraordinary solo instrument.

2. Can you tell us about the recording experience?

For both albums, we had two recordings, as we still have some pieces supplemented. For this we rented the large Immanuelskirche in Wuppertal; in addition, a well-known German sound engineer with Martin Rust, the company Kawai provided us with a grand piano free of charge.

The recordings themselves were a lot of fun. Of course, you have to apply a high degree of concentration to get to the point as well as possible, that is also a learning process, and I think you get better with it every time.

It is optimal if you need a few tracks to cut. That saves a lot of energy.

3. What did you like best about your project?

We liked that we have produced two rather unconventional albums that many people like to listen to, not just another boring CD consisting only of classical music. For us, it was also a great pleasure to play pop and Disney songs or unusual arrangements of classical pieces.

It was also great that we got the celebrity photographer Werner Bartsch from Hamburg for the cover pictures and a great graphic designer in Jürgen Thies, so the albums were graphically rounded off in a great way.

4. What did you find the most challenging?

The biggest challenge was to really see the project through to the end.

Producing two albums of this quality is a lot of work, and recording is really only a fraction of the whole thing.

But my project manager Werner Hoffmann always motivated us super when there was


"JOY" is the second album of the flutist Tim Henning Lüttge from Hamburg/Germany.

On this album, you will experience well-known pop and Disney songs in a completely new way: the artist replaces the vocals and reinterprets them with his extraordinary solo instrument.

In addition to classical solo works and orchestral repertoire, Tim Henning Lüttge has repeatedly played popular music in front of large audiences at renowned luxury resorts from the Mediterranean to the Maldives. In doing so, he made the experience that many found it much easier to access listening via the well-known titles from film and radio, while at the same time, the receptiveness and sensitivity grew to engage with classical works and to open up and become enthusiastic about the music and the instrument.

In Tim Henning Lüttge, these beautiful experiences at the concerts triggered the desire to absolutely produce an album with pop and Disney titles to reach even more people.

The album "JOY" shows what a touching effect the flute can have as an extraordinary solo instrument.

Let yourself be taken away through the most diverse worlds of sound: Enjoy well-known Disney melodies from the movies "Aladdin," "Moana," "Frozen 2" as well as great radio hits by Bruno Mars, Lukas Graham, Calum Scott, James Arthur, Coldplay, Adele, Clean Bandit, and David Guetta, among others.

EnJOY and have fun listening!


"The Inner Voice" is the debut album of the exceptional flutist Tim Henning Lüttge from Hamburg/Germany, accompanied by his great pianist Yun Xu from China.

On this album, the artist lets the flute shine in the most diverse musical styles and elevates it almost magically to a real solo instrument. 

In this masterfully played form, the flute comes so close to the human voice that it sings, as it were. It transmits deeply touching moods and feelings and immerses the audience in a breathtaking musical experience.

Let the music of Tim Henning Lüttge carry you on a wonderful journey through a wide variety of musical styles.

In addition to classical and romantic works by Fauré, Bach, and Prokofiev, famous character pieces are heard, such as the "Libertango" by A. Piazzolla, "Riverdance", the "Largo" from the Harpsichord Concerto BWV 1056 by J.S. Bach, the "Rigoletto Fantasy" by W. Popp, 

"Sabre Dance" by A. Khachaturian, "Il Pastore Svizerro" by P. Morlacchi, but also modern Disney songs from "Aladdin," "Moana" and pop ballads by J. Arthur and Yiruma.

The works are linked together regardless of their time of origin, forming strong contrasts and thus becoming a breathtaking listening pleasure.

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