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Kalaya Phonasathorn CD Release of Thai Contemporary Music for Flute

Kalaya Phongsathorn is a flute and piccolo player from Thailand. She plays with the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and is an adjunct flute lecturer at Princess Galyani Vadhana Institute of Music


This release was my longtime intention to collect and present all the compositions by Thai contemporary composer for flute, piccolo and piano, as well as the flute ensemble. The commissions date back the past eight years or so, and we were successful in recording the whole collection last year in 2022.


1. Why did you record this CD?


I believe the Thai musical idioms are very characteristic. And I am very certain that it could very well blend with the western music harmony. I am very lucky to collaborate with many good composers, who are willing to write these music as I commissioned and results were very pleasing. I therefore would like to bring our zesty musical idioms to share to the world through these compositions.


2. Where did you get your Inspiration? 


Probably from my Spanish teacher. He recorded so many collections of the original compositions by contemporary Spanish composers. It is wonderful to see how Music can communicate through all cultures and nationalities. so I start collecting the pieces that I have commissioned many years earlier and then it becomes this release.


3. Facts about the project? 


It was at first meant to be a collaboration between the music and the exhibition by tapestry artists and later on, we get to sell our project separately, as you may see on the cover of the CD there is a photo of the tapestry at work by Kachama Perez, northern Thai weaving artist.





On the album: 
Sonatine for Flute and Piano composed by Morakot Cherdchoo- ngarm. Pianist Usa Napawan.


Sonata for Piccolo and Piano composed by Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm. Pianist Morakot Cherdchoo-ngarm.


Rachapruck composed by Chaipruck Mekara.


Seeda for Flute and Piano composed by Amanut Chantarawirote. Pianist Sumida Ansvananda.


Rumwong for Flute Ensemble composed by Komsun Dilokkunanant. The Million Wind Philharmonic Flute Section.



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