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Cassandra Iamandi Artist Interview

Mini biography: My name is Casandra Iamandi, I'm 35 years old, I'm from Piatra-Neamt, a small town in the central-east of Romania, but I've been living in Bucharest for 18 years. I have been employed at the Pitesti Philharmonic for over 10 years; I have also collaborated with other state and private orchestras. I like playing in the orchestra and chamber music the most.

Can you give us 5 career highlights?

Five, I can't list five, but one of them is the concert in which I was the soloist with three works: Vivaldi - Winter, Doga - The Sweet and Tender Beast, and Morricone - the theme from Cinema Paradiso. Another important moment was in the middle of the pandemic when, together with my colleague Cristina, I played Vivaldi's concerto for two flutes. Another important moment was when we met.

How about 3 pivotal moments that were essential to creating the artist that you've become?

Again, I don't think I can name three. When I play difficult parts, I always try to exceed my limits. The pandemic period was really a moment of crossroads when we were closed for a long time, and we did not know when we would return to our lives.
What do you like best about performing? What I like most is that I can detach myself from my everyday life, from everyday problems; I just enjoy the music.
What does your schedule look like for the next 6 months? I am preparing for the concerts of the new season and learning to play the violin with my nine-year-old son. :)

What are your goals personally? Professionally?

My goals are to feel at peace; that means studying to feel confident and comfortable on stage. I am trying to prepare the Mercadante Concerto. And on a personal level, to lead a balanced life so that I can be patient with my son.

What inspires you the most in life?

I always talk about this because this seems essential to me, balance. I am inspired by those who manage to lead such balanced and orderly lives. I try to "steal" from anyone, anything that seems to help me be a better person.
What has been your professional greatest challenge? The biggest professional challenge is every time I play on stage because I always try to be accomplished and happy with my performance.

What has been your personal greatest challenge?

My goal, I think, for the next ten years, is to raise my child properly. I once read that a parent feels at peace when his child becomes a good person; this is my goal

Who were your music mentors? And what did you learn from them?

I started studying the flute in my hometown Piatra-Neamt with Mr. Petru Azaharioaie, who was my teacher. Then I moved to Bucharest and studied with Mr. Virgil Opritoiu, and at the Conservatory, I studied with Professor Catalin Opritoiu. I was an active participant in the master classes of Michael Cox, Pierre Yves Artaud, Mario Caroli, Benout Frommanger, Heidi Intermuhle. I learned how to study and what to look for.

Can you give us 5 quirky, secret, fun (don't think too much about this) hobbies or passions?

I really like to travel; I like to go on tours, meet new people, and most of all, I like to enjoy every moment.
What 3 things would you offer as advice for a young flutist? To study, to have confidence, and to listen all the time to what is being played around them, and when they have a solo, to enjoy the silence that is created before the apotheotic moment.


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