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New Album Feature: Flano Duo’s L’Apre-Midi Romantique

Flutist Yoon Jung Huh, a dynamic soloist, chamber musician, and educator, has graced prestigious venues worldwide, from Kennedy Hall and Boston Symphony Hall to the Seoul Arts Center. Recognized for her outstanding achievements, she has garnered top prizes in international competitions across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Holding a Doctor of Musical Arts from Boston University, Dr. Huh's diverse career encompasses performances with renowned orchestras, flutist of the Flano Duo, a teaching position currently at W+H school, She has also taught at Rutgers and Boston University in past years, and she contributes to the New Jersey Flute Society as a board member.

Dr. Choah Kim, a distinguished pianist, is renowned for her authentic and scholarly approach to musical interpretation. Her solo and chamber performances have graced prestigious venues globally, including Carnegie Hall and Tsai Performance Center, earning her accolades such as the Esther B. and Albert S. Kahn Grant Award and recognition in esteemed competitions. With academic achievements including a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University, Dr. Kim currently serves as a piano faculty member at Westminster Conservatory of Music and Yamaha Music Conservatory in New Jersey.

Flano Duo had a recital titled 'L'Après-Midi Romantique' in November 2022 in New York, featuring an all-French repertoire from the Romantic period, including works by Milhaud, Gaubert, and Fauré. The album, released in November 2023 under the same title, includes an addition of Satie’s 'Je te veux,' arranged by Flano Duo.


1. Milhaud: Sonatine for Flute and Piano:

2. Milhaud: Sonatine for Flute and Piano

3. Milhaud: Sonatine for Flute and Piano

4. Gaubert: Romance for Flute and Piano

5. Faure: Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Piano) : I. Allegro Molto

6. Faure: Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Piano) : II. Andante

7. Faure: Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Piano) : III. Scherzo: Allegro Vivo

8. Faure: Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Piano) : IV. Finale: Allegro Quasi Presto

9. Satie: Je Te Veux (Arr. Flano)


1. Why did you record this CD?

We embarked on recording this CD with a deep passion for showcasing the rich and evocative flute and piano repertoire from the Romantic period. The album is filled with notable compositions by esteemed composers such as Milhaud, Gaubert, Fauré, and Satie, each piece carefully selected to convey the emotional depth and artistic beauty of this musical era. Through this recording, We aim to offer listeners a journey into the expressive Romantic music, highlighting the intricate interplay between the flute and piano. It's our sincere hope that this collection becomes a source of joy, inspiration, and a celebration of the timeless allure of these remarkable compositions.


2. Where did you get your Inspiration?

The inspiration behind the newly released album, "L' Après-Midi Romantique," lies in the enchanting world of the Romantic period. What sets this recording apart is our deliberate choice of repertoire—specifically, works that showcase the unique dialogue between flute and piano in a duo setting rather than the ‘flute repertoire with piano accompaniment’ format. This selection allows for a more nuanced exploration, where both instruments share equal importance, merging into a single, harmonious voice.

As we navigated through the intricate landscapes of compositions by Milhaud, Gaubert, Fauré, and Satie, we found inspiration in the collaborative dynamic, where the flute and piano contribute to a unified musical expression. The rich palette of colors inherent in each piece adds another layer of depth, allowing us to paint vibrant sonic landscapes that capture the essence of Romanticism. It's this exploration of mutual influence and the fusion of two distinct voices into one cohesive narrative that drove the artistic direction of "L' Après-Midi Romantique."


One notable aspect of the project, "L' Après-Midi Romantique," is that it represents a true collaboration between Dr. Choah Kim, the pianist, and Dr. Yoon Jung Huh, the flutist, who share not only a musical partnership but also a deep friendship. This album is a result of their joint efforts, from the careful selection of repertoire to the intense rehearsal sessions, culminating in captivating recitals and the final recording. This genuine collaboration adds an extra layer of authenticity to the project, reflecting the synergy and camaraderie between two musicians who are not only colleagues but also good friends.


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