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Ilya Perepelista Artist Interview

Can you share with us your musical journey, starting from your time in Moscow at the Academy of Music named after Gnessin?

I began my musical journey in Moscow, studying at the Academy of Music named after Gnessin. One of the significant early moments was winning the Vladimir Tsybin Competition in Moscow, where I was presented with a silver Sankyo CF401 flute. It was a bright moment and marked the starting point of my professional career.

What other important events in your career do you consider noteworthy?

Another crucial moment was participating in the Nutcracker TV contest in 2014. Also, entering the Gnessin Music School and joining the youth orchestra trainee group under Bashmet's baton in 2022 were pivotal. Winning the Vladimir Tsybin Competition in Moscow in 2013, where I met my future teacher, is also a key highlight.

How has the support of your parents influenced your journey in music?

I can't emphasize enough the role of my parents. Their unwavering support and belief in my abilities kept me going through challenging moments. Without them, I might have given up. I am truly grateful for their support.

You mentioned rigorous rehearsal for the Tsybin competition. Could you elaborate on your practice routine during that time?

Preparing for the Tsybin competition demanded four hours of lessons every day for four months. It was a rigorous routine, but essential for success.

What do you love most about performing, and do you have a favorite aspect?

My favorite thing about performing is the excitement and storm of emotions when preparing to go on stage, the culmination during the performance, and the indescribable feelings afterward. Having my family in the audience, looking for them, and glancing at them throughout the performance is something I cherish.

What does your schedule look like for the next six months?

In the next six months, I plan to continue developing my Instagram (perepelitsa_flute) and expand my repertoire further. Anticipating the opening of the Kobe flute competition, I will start preparations. My primary professional goal is to organize a big recital, finding resources and a suitable venue. I also aim to encourage flute players to explore new territories in music, broadening our repertoire.

Could you share your personal and professional goals at this point?

Personally, I aim to establish the performance of arrangements to attract a broader audience. The support from my listeners inspires me, and their involvement is integral to my work. Professionally, overcoming self-underestimation and perfectionism has been a challenge. It hindered my development, but I've learned to balance demanding standards.

Could you tell us about your mentors and their impact on your musical journey?

I started studying music in Almaty, Kazakhstan, with Mukasheva Venera Zaitbekovna as my main mentor. She played a crucial role, taking me to competitions, organizing school concerts, and guiding my development. Now, in Moscow, I study in the class of Kudrya Vladimir Leonidovich.

What is your biggest hobby, and do you have any advice for young musicians?

My biggest hobby is writing electronic music and mixing on an amateur level. I would advise young musicians to listen to accomplished flute players like Denis Bouriakov, Emmanuel Pahud, and Jasmine Choi. Listening is crucial for developing a unique musical identity. Also, find inspiration, whether through active rest or cultural experiences. Practice extensively and fearlessly explore opportunities – doors will open along the way.



Can you tell us about the release of your joint recording of Jolivet's Sonatina with Ruslan Usaev on the clarinet?

This recording has a very interesting story.

We live in different countries, but by chance, we ended up
in the same city in the summer of 2023. We decided to record a duet. It was a very productive two
days filled with work. We were very much inspired by Emmanuel Pahud and Paul Meyer’s recording.

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