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New Album Feature: Iva Ugrčić “Gates of Dream”

Award-winning flutist Iva Ugrčić (pronounced Ooo-gr-cheech) is one of the most exciting and adventurous flutists in the international pantheon. Winner of The American Prize in Woodwind Performance 2023, named BRAVA Magazine’s 2022 “Woman to Watch” and “Musician of the Year for 2018” by The Well-Tempered Ear, Ugrčić is known for her technical brilliance, expressive musicianship, and remarkable versatility. She has garnered international acclaim for her performances, both as a soloist and a collaborator in chamber and orchestral settings in venues across the world.

Gates of Dream features a selection of solo and chamber works for the flute family by the Romanian composer Doina Rotaru as performed by Serbian flutist Iva Ugrčić.


  1. Il Pianto del Ghiaccio (Lament for the Glaciers) for flute quartet (2016)* (11:20)
  2. Elegie for flute and piano (2011)* (5:55)
  3. Salcia (Weeping Willow) for flute and percussion ensemble (2011)(12:12)
  4. Aux portes du réve (At the Gates of Dream) for flute and percussion (1985)* (15:31)
  5. Dragonfly for solo piccolo (2000) (7:12)



Ethereal Mastery: Iva Ugrcic's Interpretation of Doina Rotaru's Musical World

Iva Ugrcic's latest album  featuring the compositions of Doina Rotaru, titled Gates of Dream, offers a captivating journey through haunting melodies and compelling narratives. Ugrcic's prowess as a flutist shines through as she navigates Rotaru's intricate compositions with finesse and depth.

The album opens with the titular piece, "Il Pianto del Ghiaccio," a composition for flute quartet that immediately immerses listeners in a world of icy lamentation. Ugrcic's interpretation is nothing short of brilliant, as she brings out the nuances of Rotaru's score with precision and emotion. Each note resonates with haunting beauty, drawing the listener deeper into the melancholic landscape crafted by the composer.

In "Elegie," Rotaru's musical adaptation of Lucian Blaga's poem of the same name, Ugrcic's flute becomes the voice of profound introspection and longing. Her performance is captivating, weaving a narrative of introspection and emotion that echoes the sentiments of Blaga's poetry. With a beautiful tone and flawless technique, Ugrcic captures the essence of the piece, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

"Dragonfly" presents a shift in mood, as Rotaru's composition takes flight with the piccolo's voice as its centerpiece. Ugrcic's performance is nothing short of extraordinary, as she navigates the intricate melodies with agility and precision with her piccolo. The piece is riveting, with Ugrcic's interpretation adding depth, finesse, and intensity to Rotaru's composition.

Overall, Iva Ugrcic's album of Doina Rotaru's music is a testament to her mastery as a flutist and her ability to breathe life into complex compositions. Her performances are mesmerizing, drawing listeners into a world of emotion and imagination. Gates of Dream is a must-listen for fans of contemporary classical flute music, offering a glimpse into the transcendent artistry of both composer and performer.

-Viviana Guzman, The Flute View Magazine

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