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NFA Documentary Part 3

The National Flute Association Convention Documentary Part 3 (of 6) is set to premiere on June 3, 2024, offering a unique look into the world of flute music and its passionate community. This film will engage viewers with the convention’s past and present, showcasing the significant role of flute music in cultural and social spheres, as well as highlighting the incredible talents such as NFA President, Rebecca Johnson, NFA Vice president, Jennifer Grim, NFA Secretary, Julie Kim Walker, Former Principal Flute of the LA Phil, Jim Walker, Mike Mower, NFA Assistant Program Chair, Sarah Shin, NFA Program Chair, Alberto Almarza, Viviana Cumplido Wilson, Elzbieta Wolenska, Aleksandr Haskin, Christopher Caliendo, Melody Shen, among others. Viewers will enjoy stirring musical renditions and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage that reveals the fervor and commitment behind this flourishing community.   Guided by Flutist / Producer / Film Maker, Viviana Guzmán, as she illuminates the NFA’s distinguished history and the enduring allure of the flute.



Featured in Part 3, in order of appearance:

Mike Mower

Julee Kim Walker

Viviana Cumplido Wilson

Jim Walker

Ethan Lin

Carlos Mora

Marcela Ramirez

Nora Lee Garcia

Lito Santos

Nana Assimokopoulos

Cloe Upshaw

Patricia Nagle

Marco Granados

Cyron Jeb

Juan Arista

Isabella Grimes

Elzbieta Wolenska

Aleksandr Haskin

Sarah Shin

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