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15 Flutists’ New Year’s Resolutions

Sir James & Lady Jeanne Galway:

Taking steps together to simplify our lives & enjoy the moments.
Wishing you and all our friends at Flute View a wonderful, healthy, peaceful 2015.Kind regards,
Sir James  & Lady Jeanne Galway


Paula Robison:
To have more flute parties with my students~
To cook more Indian food~
To go back to dance class~and
To finally perform the Widor Suite!!!


Leone Buyse:
1. Breathe!
2. Move!
3. Live!
4. Love!


Gary Schocker: regrets, only resolutions...

Alexa Still:
More swimming, more challenging music, more listening and more laughing!


Nicole Esposito:
I never make New Year's resolutions. I try my best to live every day with full commitment and awareness that each one is a gift.  I like to stay open to whatever each new day and year may bring.  :)


Greg Pattillo:
To run every day.


Viviana Guzman:
To eat less & swim more... in the ocean!

Mimi Stillman:
1) I've made it my goal to make an in-depth study of Bach's Cantatas in 2015, inspired by my lifelong love of Bach's flute music and the desire constantly to improve and deepen my interpretation of it. I will be recording the great B Minor Sonata and want to expand my preparation through research. John Eliot Gardiner's magnificent book "Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven" sparked my current interest in the cantatas.
2) I've always been quite fond of giraffes. I recently read about how these beautiful and graceful animals are in danger of becoming extinct. In addition to donating to conservancy organizations, I plan to raise awareness about the plight of giraffes.
3) What would a New Year's resolution be without something about personal fitness? I do like and appreciate the importance of exercising, but I think I like eating delicious foods more. Right now, I especially love almond croissants and hereby resolve to eat as many as possible, without looking like it, in 2015!


I don't make yearly resolutions, as I like to measure time in experiences rather than years, months, etc...  but i've become quite obsessed with the Ondes Martenot lately.  I'd love to perform something for flute and that exotic instrument sometime in the near future.  or maybe with a hologram of an Ondes Martenot player...that would be cooler.  And more holograms, always.

Hallfríður Haffi Ólafsdóttir - Principal Flute of Iceland Philharmonic and author of Maximus Musicus:

My resolution is to sleep more! Since I started my education project some years ago I've worked into the night too much and slept too little. To get a proper sleep I will turn off the router mid-evening, grab a book and head off to bed as I am convinced that this will greatly enhance the quality of my days - and that after 8-9 hours' sleep I will be able to do whatever is needed in a shorter time than after 6-7 hours - and hopefully get more practicing done!

Barbara Siesel:

I resolve to create a deeper emotional connection between myself and my audience, to be more open to others in everything that I do. And maybe...practice more and eat less!

Beverly Hawkins, owner of Windworks Studio in Philadelphia:

My flute resolution is to take the French anti-aging approach toward caring for my flute. That means that 2015 is "The Year of My Flute's Needs"   No neglect!  First thing of the year, a COA. Second, a Fluter Scooter bag for rainy days and to protect from cold and extreme heat. Third, a fresh new swab. Lots of fun ways to pamper my flute for a flute spa kinda year!!!


Nancy Horowitz- flutist and band director:
Improve the intonation in my school band...and to improve my own as well!


Tia Di- Flute Professor at the Northwest Normal University in Lanzhou,China:

My resolution is to improve my English enough to enable me to qualify for entrance into an American doctoral program.


Peter Chen- Flute Professor at the China Conservatory:
To play more flute recitals throughout China universities and schools, and to help more Chinese students love the flute.


Wishing a joyful and musical 2015 to all readers!

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