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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work by Viviana Guzman

It is amazing and surprising what you can accomplish with a team, when that team through synergy becomes more than the sum of its parts. Here at The Flute View Magazine, we found this out when we--Fluterscooter, Barbara and I-- first came together after NFA and decided to team up to create The Flute View Magazine.  At first I didn’t see how three already very busy people could manage to create yet another time consuming project, but the fact is, had any of us tried to launch the magazine single-handedly, we wouldn’t have been able to.  It is only through Teamwork and our admiration and respect for each other that the idea was able to soar.


The whole concept came together very organically two years ago after the NFA convention.  Pulling from our individual resources, gifts, ideas, we were able to launch The Flute View Magazine in May 2013.  Not only have we built solid friendships, but now we have one another to bounce ideas off of, and we have a built-in support system, each individually bringing in unique skill sets that end up making the whole greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s difficult for one person to think of all the details.  As a team, each person shares their input and ideas just spring forth as if from an endless creative well.


A group of people definitely has more energy to bear on a variety of areas than does a single person.  For example, Fluter brings to the table her unique marketing ideas. Barbara contributes her noteworthy  experiences, her literary and new music focus.  I offer my photographic expertise as well as my concert producing and world touring solo artist background. All three of us have had to learn the basics of web design as well as the ins and outs of social media.  Our biggest priority is to provide our flute readers with immediate, often firsthand reports on current trends in the flute music industry, using the latest internet platforms.  We all agree that having the internet to host our magazine has enabled us to use not only feature the written article (old school), but also includes the use of videos, live interviews via Skype, Spreecasts (new school) and more recently our own radio station via BlogTalk Radio. We also enjoy keeping the sense of fun and experimentation that sparked our venture and expanding that wherever and whenever possible.  We are a mini-flash mob, and you never know when we will materialize or what we will be doing next.


Do you have someone to join forces with to create something wild and wonderful?  Tell us about it in the comments below.


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