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Flutes by the Sea Overview

I enjoyed the meditation that Viviana led at the Half Moon Beach.  I was inspired by the incredible performances of Alice, Fluter and Viviana, who presented compelling new works for flute trio.   I so enjoyed the spontaneity that occurred in my classes with my former students and with the additional registered performers. The auditors took their experience very seriously, participating in the seminars fully.  The flute choir performances were an integral part of the weekend, too.  It was a great, inclusive seminar held in an incredible beach village.

Jill Felber
Flute Professor, UC Santa Barbara

In the past, I have attended numerous flute workshops/intensives as both a participant and faculty member, but Flutes by the Sea was especially memorable. Starting the morning with a 9am meditation by the sea helped me prepare to learn new information as well as answer questions any participants may have had. The days were perfectly balanced with masterclasses, difference tone tuning,warm-up brainstorming, and performances. It was fun yet remained intense and serious and has led me to try many new things brought up by participants and faculty. I feel rejuvenated and inspired! What a wonderful experience.

Alice K. Dade
Assistant Professor of Flute, University of Missouri

The San Francisco bay area community is blessed to count Viviana among us; her endless energy, her creativity in building this event from the ground up with improvements every year and, of course, her amazing artistry as a musician and flutist which is both inspiring and motivating.

This year I had the opportunity to hear the finalist pieces of the Flute Commission Competition. The quality of compositions was impressive alone but then to hear them performed by the Fluterscooter, Viviana and Alice Dade was captivating. The compositions were all interesting and quite unique from each other but the performances of these pieces brought them to life and was thrilling.

I was blessed to conduct the flute choir for everyone this year where I was fortunate to meet and work so many new flutists in addition to seeing some familiar faces again.

Three cheers for Viviana and let's hope she will continue this new enterprise that benefits so many.

Gail Edwards, Flute Choir Director

Whenever someone mentions masterclass I flashback to high school and Mozart’s Concerto in D not only my performance but everyone else’s as well; a bit desperate, and totally immature. Thankfully I’m no longer in high school and Flutes by the Sea is nothing like any other masterclass I’ve attended. Rather than a stuffy classroom full of doe eyed seventeen year olds. Flutes by the Sea was, just as refreshing as the salt tinged breeze that drifted through the idyllic seaside village of Half Moon Bay. Organizer, San Francisco Flute Society president and entrepreneur Viviana Guzman, created an atmosphere of inclusivity, flexibility and learning. The week began with a crash course on being a current day entrepreneur-musician. This day long session was extremely informative, eye opening and inspiring. I was able to conjure my ethereal goals into something concrete and functional.  The twelve hour days featuring all inclusive events open to both performers and auditors began with meditation followed by a class on intonation and tuning presented by Viviana. Alice K. Dade, Professor at the University of Missouri, engaged the audience in warm up suggestions, and tone coloration. Jill Felber, Professor at UCSB was no nonsense in her approach to the performers, offering fantastic insight, suggestion and guidance. Her Extreme makeover sessions were extremely well received. I have yet to stick to a regimented practice plan but for the past ten days I’ve been consistent. Although not quite extreme, I have noticed a difference and look forward to the end results!

The evening concerts featuring the Flute View Trio with Alice K. Dade as Barbara Siesel’s  stand in, Jill Felber and Dianne Frazer, and various community groups was a great mix of repertoire and timbres.

This was my third Flutes by the Sea and I can’t wait until next year whether it's in Half Moon Bay or Bali!

Belinda Brouette, Participant

Orioles2015My youth flute choirs have been invited to the Flutes by the Sea Festival three years in a row. For young musicians it is not only an unforgettable experience, but also a measurement of their personal growth. For my little ensemble “The Orioles” it’s the highlight of the year. They are thrilled by the attention they are getting and it drives them forward to meeting new goals. The older kids are inspired by watching, listening and learning from the amazing group of artists that come from so many different places to this unique event. The warm welcome that the community of professional flutists is showing to the young musicians is the best way of expressing encouragement and support. Kids are excited for the whole year, drawing the inspiration from Flutes by the Sea master classes and concerts. They get introduced to the all the ranges of versatility of the instrument they have chosen: from timeless beauty of baroque to ultra modern extended techniques. Students expand their musical horizons, develop sophisticated musical taste, while enjoying brilliant performances by professionals, who they got to share the stage with. It is such an important experience for young musicians. The sense of the music, and particularly a flute, community is unmatched here. As a music educator, I cannot thank enough all the people that are responsible for putting this amazing event together year after year. It is an honor for us to be a part of it! Thank you!

Gala Yaroshevsky, Flute Choir Director

I always have such a great time at Flutes by the Sea. This has been my 3rd time performing, teaching, and joining in all the flute fun! I had a great time playing with Alice Dade and Viviana Guzman as we premiered SIX flute trios submitted for The Flute View's Composers Competition. It is always an added bonus to learn some new things about myself while teaching, and that happened during the Entrepreneurship Workshop Viviana and I led. In hearing Viviana's approach to her career, I got some new ideas and inspiration. Inspiration comes naturally at Flutes by the Sea, especially because of the picturesque setting of Half Moon Bay and the Pacific Ocean, where we did our morning meditation as we listened to the waves. It is always great to meet new flutists and connect with old ones, and it was great to finally meet Jill Felber and Diane Frazer and to hear them play and teach. I can't wait until the next festival. IN BALI!!




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