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My First Flute Lessons by 8 year old, Delancey Trimble

My eight year old student Delancey has shared her story and thoughts on being a beginning flute student, here’s what she says:

When it was just the beginning I started with the basics. In other words, I just played with the headpiece. My teacher taught me how to put the flute together the correct way. I still like playing with the head piece because she taught me how to play different sounds on one note. When the flute was put together again she taught me how to play a lot of different things. I learned how to play slurs. A slur is when you don’t breath between two or more notes. I think it’s really hard to play slurs. I started learning some songs that I knew, like “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, my first song. Then I learned how to play duets, it’s fun! On my birthday, she got me a children’s song book. Every week on Monday’s I have my flute lessons. My teacher teaches me a new song from the children’s song book. Also, on my birthday she gave me a duet book and the book that taught me to play a lot of songs that I know now. Every time I go to my grandma’s house I play duets with her since she plays the piano. We also played with all the books my teacher got me for my birthday. At home, I practice all the things that she taught me that week for 20 minutes every day. Practicing is really fun but if you’re sleepy at night you should probably do your practicing in the morning. If you want (it’s really helpful) you can get a metronome. A metronome is kind of like a clock, it clicks to any beat you want. I use a metronome and I suggest you get one because they are really fun. That is why you should learn the flute. Things to remember:
Go to your teacher’s house
Your parent can stay or go out
Do not touch the paintings on the wall
Do not fall asleep on the couch!

The End

By Delancey Trimble

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