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12 Holiday Flute Gift Ideas

The Flute View's Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you need help with a creative gift for your favorite flutist?  Following are a sample list of our personal favorite flute items.  Feel free to include  YOUR suggestions, too.



-The Flute View Team



Viviana's List

1. Does your favorite flutist have flute insurance? Check out Anderson’s Musical Instrument Insurance for the best rates. Highly recommended!

Anderson Insurance

2. The Tornado Flute Booster will give your flute an AMAZING upgrade. I recommend trying it out. The price is right, too, for only $36.95, you, too, can start giving your flute sound an extra boost!

Tornado Flute Booster

3. Get a new flute! Flute World offers great deals on flutes by Altus, Burkhart, Powell, Jupiter…. you name it!

Flute World

4.  Stocking Stuffers? Purchase 2017 Flute Releases! Here are a few items:

Sweet Dream by Jean-Louis Beaumadier

Kingdom of Mountains by Suzanne Teng

A Little Tango in Her Blood, edited compilation of tango sheet music by Alison Young

Song of the Whale by Viviana Guzman

Aya Tunes Vol. 2 by Fluterscooter

Barbara's List

1. Powell Flutes: Black 90th Birthday Hoodie in my fav color – Black! This is a fun and fashionable hoodie which will keep you warm and let the world know about the Powell Flute Company and their 90th anniversary! $47.61

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.48.02 PM

2. A Flute View Subscription for your favorite flutist $12.95 for a year! An affordable and informative gift for flute lovers everywhere.


3. New CD’s that I like: Emi Ferguson's "Amour Cruel" and Barbara Kortmann's "Inner Lights". These inspiring and beautiful CD’s are a great addition to your favorite flutist’s collection.

Amour Cruel promo cover

4. I love these Jumbo Music Paperclips from Flute World. They make all your presentations look good!! $5.95 for 5.


Fluterscooter's List

1. Even if you're not a Bjork fan, her new album "Utopia" has some amazing flute choir arrangements on most of the songs.  Excellent flute writing from Bjork herself.  Add this to your non-classical playlist!


2. Beaumont Music Cleaning Cloths.  Super cute cleaning cloths and swabs for your flute.  They work on computer screens and glasses, too!


3. Flute jewelry is always a great stocking stuffer, and Tracy Harris' FluteFinery line is affordable, too!


4. LeFreque Sound Bridge.  There are many options of LeFreque's for your budget, but a good one to start with is the Solid Silver.  Try one and hear the difference it makes, especially in ensemble playing!


Happy Holidays from The Flute View!!

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