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Non Essential Businesses are Closed, but what does that mean for the music? 

by Lauren Wuerth 

Things are incredibly difficult for everyone right now and we are living in a very uncertain and scary time. Music is one of the things that can help everybody through this tough time and will help us pull through as a community and as individuals.  That is why Rose Music made the decision to uproot the sheet music business temporarily, so that no matter what, we could keep the music going for you all. 


When we received notice that all non-essential businesses must temporarily close, my incredible team at The Flute Center of New York and I quickly jumped into action as we wanted the business to continue on as normal as possible. So, I drove into the city and packed up as much music as I could fit into my car. Unfortunately, having thousands of titles, it was impossible to bring the entire inventory home! I packed all the “major hits” of course, and filled in the rest from there. About 20 boxes of music later, I was ready to head back home to my new “store” for the next few weeks (or more?).  Everything has been changing rapidly, and because this happened so quickly it was hard to say goodbye to FCNY for the time being. Knowing that I wouldn’t see my coworkers on a daily basis, or our smiling customers coming through the door, was challenging to accept. When you work with the best people and have the best clientele, it truly makes all the difference. But, for now, it would just be me and the music. 


Having a sheet music store at home is definitely a challenge and to say that my living room has never seen this much music would be an understatement! However, I have simply been amazed at the patience and love shown by the community during this first stage. I have tried my best to be as communicative as possible with everyone, and I have only been met with understanding and compassion; something that goes such a long way right now. Thank you to everyone who has shown nothing but love during this transitional time. 


Personally, I have also taken this time to create more music. To be honest, it can be very difficult juggling different hats, and as musicians, we all know that we must wear many! During this past year, I made a major move from Europe to NYC, started this incredible job at Rose Music/ FCNY and have been planning a wedding. All things that have made my practicing slip to the side a bit, unfortunately.  This new time home has allowed me to practice on a deeper level again, come back to my flute roots, and also practice things that I simply never have the time to do! (Maybe a virtual concert is on the rise?)  


It is my hope that we can continue to bring a bit of joy to you all even though everything seems so crazy and unreal at the moment. The Flute community is a very strong community, and we will all get through this together! 


Lauren Wuerth, a native New Yorker, is a passionately driven contemporary and classical flutist, constantly working to be innovative by pushing new musical boundaries. She holds a Master's Degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark, and a Bachelor's degree from the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College.
Lauren is the founder of contemporary music ensembles, INNOVOX and SOUNDS and is continuously working to break the barriers between the classical and contemporary music worlds. She has performed and premiered numerous new works throughout the US and Europe. During her years living in Copenhagen, she frequently freelanced with The Copenhagen Philharmonic, Athelas Sinfonietta, and Figura Ensemble. Besides being an active performer, Lauren thrives in other aspects of the musical word. She previously held the position as the assistant music director at The Black Diamond, The Royal Danish Library, and is an active teacher, with a private studio previously in CPH and now in NYC. She is thrilled to be the new sheet music manager at Rose Music/ Flute Center of New York. Learn more at laurenwuerth.com.

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