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CD Review: Wouter Kellerman

Globe-trotting flutist and composer Wouter Kellerman received a 2014 GRAMMY® Award for his album Winds of Samsara. Winds Of Samsara reached #1 on the US Billboard Chart and also peaked at #1 on the Zone Music Reporter Top 100 International Radio Airplay Chart in the month of July 2014, winning both the ZMR ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Best World Album’ awards. 

Wouter Kellerman's latest album is a potpourri of international styles.  His magnificent classical training shines through his voluptuous tone.  "Contrabajisimo" starts with Kellerman on Contrabass Flute and then the piece dives into a compelling tango.  The track features Emilio Solla & Tributango giving it the power and sultry elements that define the tango.

"Used To Be" featuring pianist, Nadia Shpachenko, was co-written by Wouter Kellerman and Wessel van Rensburg.  This exquisite track commences with a creatively percussive bass flute entwined with a fluttering flute. Shpachenko is a magnificent pianist who adds an alluring backdrop to the ethereal flute.  Track 11, "Birdsong" and track 7, "Catching Up" are also written by Kellerman and van Rensburg.  This three song set are a wonderful addition to the flute and piano repertoire.  Dynamic and engaging, these pieces are stunning and a true testament to Kellerman's genius.

In "Autumn In Buenos Aires" featuring Paul Whellock, the album takes us back to Argentina's ravishing colors.  Kellerman's beguiling flute ascends above Whellock's compelling guitar.  This is a wonderfully seductive work for flute and guitar.

"We've Known All Times" features the KZN Philharmonic & Soweto Gospel Choir.  A Kellerman signature is to involve a Gospel Choir from his South African roots.  The penetrating rhythms that the choir brings are enchanting.  With Kellerman's flute soaring above, this beautifully orchestrated piece is a testament to the times we are living providing hope and peace.

"After the Rain" is a charming flute solo that explores all aspects of flute artistry using a plethora of flute voices.

In "Winter" by Vivaldi track, Kellerman provides us with an exceptional arrangement featuring the Soweto Gospel Choir.  What a treat!  This creative tapestry is simply glorious.

"Nocturne" by Chopin features Michael Lewin on piano.  With another South African stamp, this track features the Soweto Gospel Choir towards the end, providing a haunting and innovative rendition of Chopin's timeless work.

"Breathe" hints of elements of "Malagueña" in an innovative flute beatbox version by Wouter Kellerman.  With this track we hear Kellerman's multi-faceted brilliance as both a flutist, a composer and arranger.

The album "We Have Known All Times" is another Wouter Kellerman multi-genre spectacular featuring the entire flute family.  The resplendent thread throughout the album is Kellerman's alluring flute sound.  This creative masterpiece is engaging on so many levels.  Wouter Kellerman is a tour de force!

-Viviana Guzman

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