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What’s Next? Our New Reality

The last six months have been quite difficult for artists in general and of course flutists in particular. How will we continue being flutists? How will we work to create change? How will we earn income? What is the meaning of the work we do now as performers, educators, entrepreneurs, and creators? Starting in November, The Flute View will share interviews, inspirational stories, and articles from our fellow flutists/entrepreneurs on how they are creating their new reality. How they are finding ways to survive and thrive and how they are creating meaning for themselves and for their communities. It is our hope that as a community we will find ways to inspire and support each other through these times.   We welcome you to share your stories and ideas with us and we will do our best to feature you in our pages. 

Please contact me at BarbaraSiesel@gmail.com or TheFluteView@gmail.com 

Put “Our New Reality” in the subject line.

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