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Rachel Ombredane Artist Interview

Rachel Ombredane started music at just 3 years old, falling in love with the flute and entering the conservatoire at 6 years old. She studied with flute master players such as Pascale Feuvrier, Chrystel Delaval (soloist of the national orchestra of Lille) and Frédéric Chatoux (soloist of the orchestra of the Opera of Paris), and received her Master's degree at the Sorbonne.

Whilst studying the flute, Rachel also attended vocal academy with Gisèle Fixe and Vania Boneva (soprano of the Opera of Paris). Occasionally a backing vocalist for artists like Ed Sheeran and Jain, Rachel has performed on many TV sets, but also prestigious venues such as 'Arena of Nîmes' and 'Top of Paris'. She guests on numerous studio recordings, and in 2016 she wrote and performed in her first children's musical. At the beginning of 2017, Rachel launched her electro-pop project RoSaWay, releasing her first EP with the drummer Stéphane Avellaneda.


What are some of your career highlights?

The first time I played in NYC … That’s for sure! I mean … That’s something ! I can’t
believe I had the chance to perform with my own band in this city ! It was definitely a dream
came true.

Then I’d say singing as a backing vocals for Ed Sheeran ! That was a really cool experience! I won’t lie, when my agency called me and said are you free next Friday to sing as backing vocals on the new Ed Sherran’s single (« Shape of you ») I literally screamed !!! Feel so lucky to had this chance in my professional and personal life!

When and why did you start playing the flute?

I started playing the flute at 6. I fell in love with this instrument a year before. I was in the subway with my mum. We were going the watch « Bambie » and I heard the sound of the flute. I knew! I just knew this would be my life! I was so young though but my mum told me years after, I saw in your eyes that you found your path!

What advice would you give to young a musician?

Never give up ! Dream hard, work harder!

What does your schedule look like for the next 6 months?

That’s hard to tell at this point cause everything can change so quickly. But I have shows booked with my band in Europe and we will release a new single in October. Hopefully after that we will be able to come back in the US. We are really looking for that too.

What are some career challenges you had to face?

The biggest was probably when I decided to play pop music. My friends or colleagues from classical music were not that supportive and sometimes means to me. That was definitely a challenge to make them think differently.

What inspires you most in life ?
People. I learn a lot looking and analyzing what people do and how they create. That’s probably why I enjoy socials so much. Following creative people inspires me so much and pushes me to work harder to try new things, to explore new paths etc.…I really like to look at people on the street or in the subway. But my favorite thing ever is to listening people conversations in bars or restaurants. I really try to be the most discreet I can cause I know I’m not supposed to listen but that’s so
interesting. I love to imagine who these persons are and what kind of life they can have etc… That’s how I wrote my song « Dreamer ». I was stuck on the highway and watching people in their car through the window and imagine their life and what kind of kids they were.

Do you have any upcoming CD release ?
We will release a new single on October 8th on Ropeadope label. I’m really excited about it!

Outside of music, what are some of your hobbies or passions?
Yes, I love ballet! I have been dancing since I was 2 years old. I couldn’t live without dancing every

My other passion is Fashion. I try to watch a lot of fashion shows during Fashion week! I really enjoy seeing how fashion designers create clothes and shapes and think of human bodies etc.… And I love playing with my own clothes.

What are your goals professionally? Personally?
Create as much as possible and make the flute the coolest instrument ever!!!
For the personal part, I just want life to get back to normal.

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