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Yubeen Kim Artist Interview

Yubeen Kim is the Principal Flute at the Konzerthausorchester Berlin (Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra). He is the 1st Prize Winner of the 2022 ARD International Music Competition and 1st Prize Winner 2015 Prague Spring International Music Competition, and the 2nd Prize Winner of the 2014 Geneva International Music Competition.


How did you prepare for the ARD competition ?


We got informed from the ARD competition about the results from the pre-selection round in May. I was still thinking if I am going to do this competition or not. It was not easy decision, because I regularly have concerts as I am working in the orchestra in Berlin and also as a soloist. But I could use my summer holiday period (July-August ) as my preparation time intensively for this competition…


Did you have any routine that helped you prepare?


I always try to make a “run-through” of the way of practicing like I am playing the whole piece during the concert. And It is always good to have some mistakes during the practice, so then you can make some repetition at a good point. It will make the performance in better way when we play in the live concert.


How much in advance did you start with your training for the competition?


I had only one and half month to prepare this competition.  (Already mentioned in the first question)


What does your schedule look like for the next 6 months?  


I regularly play the orchestra concerts in Konzerthaus Berlin, but not every week. I have big honor to continue to play regularly as guest principal flute at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.
When I have some free weeks from the orchestra, I can make my soloist concerts.
I have the competition winners recital in Katowice, Poland, and one solo recital in Prague in October. On November 19th I am going to play a recital celebrating the ARD competition winning in Dallas Texas, invited by Monica Song. In Winter I am going to play some concerts in Korea.
You can find updated calendar at my official homepage : yubeenkimflute.com


What are your goals personally?  Professionally?


After I became a professional musician, my dream is that I play the flute in a long term by keeping great health. I don’t have a specific goal but I want to continue what I am doing present and having great motivation and inspiration constantly.


What inspires you the most in life?


I just try to enjoy every moment, especially while I am practicing. I get inspirations from my colleagues and conductors whom I work with.


What has been your greatest challenge?


The ARD Competition


What is the most exciting thing in your life right now?


I am happy to get a lot of opportunities to play in the concerts especially as a soloist. I would like to keep it and also as a orchestra musician.


What are you completely bored with right now?




What is keeping you busy these days?


Preparing new projects, managing my schedule and eat great.


What is one thing you wish you knew at 19?


Having a habit to do sports.


What is your Spirit Animal?




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