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New Album Feature: Nora Lee Garcia’s Cubatina

Nora Lee Garcia is a renowned Powell Flutes Artist and a Professor of flute at the University of Central Florida. She serves as the principal flute of the Bach Festival Orchestra of Winter Park. She won Silver Medals in the Instrumentalist and Duo categories at the 2022 Global Music Awards.

With over seventy engagements per year, as a solo performer, chamber musician, or soloist with orchestras, Cuban-born René Izquierdo has performed to critical acclaim touring extensively throughout the world. He has played at stages such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Manaus Opera House in Brazil, and National Recital Hall in Taiwan. 

Nora Lee García, flutist, and guitarist René Izquierdo collaborate in the captivating album 'Cubatina.' This musical venture reimagines timeless melodies from Cuba and Argentina, while also introducing new compositions for flute and guitar, marking a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary sounds." Cubatina won Top Album of the year 2022 in the Global Music Awards





1. Why did you record this CD?

I did a tour across South America, and it was in Argentina where I truly fell in love with the soulful rhythms of Tangos. The Cuban segment resonates deeply, evoking nostalgic memories of my childhood and cherished friendships. Each note played became a heartfelt connection to my past, making the journey even more profound.

2. Where did you get your Inspiration?

My inspiration always comes from the present moment. I believe that 'now' is the most crucial time as it resonates with the best within me. I also love all types of music and great humor.

3. Facts about the project?

 I recorded 'Cubatina' using my platinum flute and 14kt gold Powell flutes, switching between these two instruments I learn so much about acoustics and different colors during the recording. An intriguing fact about the CD is the last song, 'Hasta Alicia Baila.' On the evening of our last recording day, I reached out to my friend Dimas Sanchez, inviting him to play percussion and create a new version of this piece. What you hear on the CD is a one take from a conversation with him only without rehearsing the piece. I invite you to enjoy the musical journey of 'Cubatina.'

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