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New Album Feature: Denis Savelyev and Radosia Jasik: “Two Cultures One Sound”

Two Cultures One Sound, Ukrainian Polish Duo, Denis Savelyev and Radosia Jasik

Pianist Radosia Jasik and flutist Denis Savelyev, a dynamic duo, emerged from the Mannes School of Music The New School, in 2015, captivating audiences worldwide with their performances. Notably, they graced the stage of Carnegie Hall in 2015 and returned in 2022, showcasing their Polish-Ukrainian repertoire. Their commitment to social causes is evident through their charitable concerts for Ukrainian refugees and their efforts to foster cultural exchange between Poland and Ukraine through music.

History of the album

The idea for creating this debut album stemmed from Radosia Jasik and Denis Savelyev's shared passion for showcasing the richness of Polish and Ukrainian music. Drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences, they curated a repertoire that not only highlights their individual virtuosity but also celebrates the cultural heritage of their respective homelands. With a desire to offer listeners a unique and immersive musical experience, they embarked on this collaborative journey, aiming to bring their distinctive interpretation of classical repertoire to a wider audience.


  1. Nocturne - Zhanna Kolodub (b. 1930)
  2. Poem - Zhanna Kolodub (b. 1930)
  3. Fantasy on Two Ukrainian Themes, op.21 - Mykola Lysenko (1842–1912)
  4. Melodie, op.35 - Reinhold Glière (1874–1956)
  5. Valse, op.35 - Reinhold Glière (1874–1956)
  6. Sonatine: Modéré - Aleksander Tansman (1897–1986)
  7. Sonatine: Intermezzo - Aleksander Tansman (1897–1986)
  8. Sonatine: Scherzo: Foxtrot - Aleksander Tansman (1897–1986)
  9. Sonatine: Notturno - Aleksander Tansman (1897–1986)
  10. Sonatine: Finale - Aleksander Tansman (1897–1986)
  11. Dumka - Mykhailo Hayvoronsky (1892–1949)
  12. Grand Duo Concertant in E major, on themes from Mayerbeer's “Robert le Diable” B. 70 - Frédéric Chopin (1810–1849)

Why did you record this album?

We recorded this album to showcase the richness and diversity of classical music, particularly focusing on the works of Polish and Ukrainian composers. Our aim was to share our passion for these composers' music with a wider audience and to highlight the cultural heritage and artistic excellence of our homelands. Additionally, we wanted to capture the unique synergy and artistic collaboration within the duo, offering listeners a captivating and immersive musical experience.

Where did you get your inspiration?

The recording of this album is inspired by our deep appreciation for classical music and our desire to celebrate the cultural heritage of Poland and Ukraine. 

Our connection to Ukraine deepens our resolve to preserve culture amidst adversity. In response to recent events, we're driven to amplify our musical voices, using beauty to counter violence and promote our intertwined heritages.

This album embodies the unity between our brother-sister countries, blending our musical traditions into a harmonious fusion. Through our art, we aim to showcase the transformative power of collaboration, fostering understanding across diverse communities.

Facts about the project?

This project marks our debut collaborative album, featuring carefully chosen repertoire from various periods and composers, with a special emphasis on works by Polish and Ukrainian composers. Our recording process involved meticulous attention to detail, aiming to capture the essence of each composition while infusing it with our unique artistic interpretation. The album represents a culmination of our shared artistic vision and dedication to promoting cultural exchange through music. 

This project has ignited our creative spirits, fueling our excitement to explore new musical adventures together. As we reflect on this journey, we are already brainstorming ideas for possible future projects, eager to embark on another collaborative endeavor that continues our mission of cultural exchange through music.

Harmonious Fusion: "Two Cultures One Sound" by Denis Savelyev and Radosia Jasik

Denis Savelyev, acclaimed for his mellifluous and transparent flute performances, joins forces with the virtuosic pianist Radosia Jasik in their latest collaborative album, "Two Cultures One Sound." This mesmerizing collection of romantic pieces is a testament to the seamless blend of Ukrainian and Polish musical traditions, showcasing the duo's unparalleled artistry and technical prowess.

From the opening notes of the album, Denis Savelyev's flute captivates listeners with the ethereal beauty of his tone. His sound is not only technically impeccable but also imbued with profound sentiment, drawing the audience into a world of sublime musical expression. With artful precision and liquid mastery, Savelyev navigates through each phrase with effortless grace, showcasing his deep understanding of the nuances of the flute and the music he is performing.

Radosia Jasik's piano provides the perfect complement to Savelyev's flute, adding layers of richness and depth to the duo's sound. Jasik's playing is characterized by her exquisite technique and unwavering sensitivity, allowing her to convey a wide palette of colors with each keystroke. Together, Savelyev and Jasik create a musical dialogue that is both captivating and profoundly moving, weaving intricate melodies and harmonies that transport listeners to distant lands.

The repertoire featured on "Two Cultures One Sound" reflects the duo's fusion of musical influences, from their Ukranian and Polish heritages. Each track is meticulously crafted and thoughtfully arranged, highlighting the duo's commitment to both tradition and innovation. Whether performing a hauntingly beautiful sonatina or a rapturous nocturne, Savelyev and Jasik infuse each composition with their unique artistic vision, resulting in a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Standout tracks on the album include the tender "Fantasy on Two Ukrainian Themes" by Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko, where Savelyev's lyrical flute lines intertwine with Jasik's evocative piano accompaniment to create moments of breathtaking beauty. Similarly, the energetic and poignant "Sonatina" by Polish composer Aleksander Tansman showcases the duo's virtuosity and elegant lyricism, leaving listeners spellbound from start to finish.

Overall, "Two Cultures One Sound" is a testament to the power of music to transcend boundaries and unite cultures. With their unparalleled musicianship and undeniable chemistry, Denis Savelyev and Radosia Jasik have created a truly extraordinary album that will resonate with listeners for years to come. Whether you're a fan of classical music or simply appreciate the beauty of finely crafted melodies, this album is not to be missed.

- -Viviana Guzman, The Flute View Magazine

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