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Doaa Saber Artist Interview

Doaa Saber is an Egyptian flute soloist, performing both European classical music as well as Egyptian music. Flute Professor and Head of the Department at the Cairo Conservatory, Academy of Arts, Visiting Flute Professor at the German University in Cairo. She is a member of the jury at the International Forum of the Arts, Awladna Cairo.

Can you give us 5 career highlights?
  • Winning first prize for flute festival in a flute competition at Greece, Volos, 2006-2007.
  • My masterclass with flute professor Philipp Buckle Munich.
  • I joined the Cairo Symphony Orchestra in 1998 as the youngest musician at that time.
  • My move to study and live in Germany.
  • Being the Head Department of the Chamber Music, Accompanist at the Cairo Conservatory.
How about 3 pivotal moments essential to creating the artist you've become?

I cannot limit them to three points because I have faced many challenges. Since the time I loved playing flute and decided that it would be my professional work and I would excel, but my family and my Mom have always been my savior.

What do you like best about performing at the Cairo Symphony?

I fondly remember the first concert I had with them was in October 1998, and it was Mahler’s Second Symphony.

Tell us about your work at the Cairo Conservatory. How many students do you have? How long have you been there?

It's a nice feeling to work in the same place where I studied at age 10 and graduated. My class contains 8 flute students and more than 20 students in different instruments. I teach them chamber music.

What does your schedule look like for the next 6 months? 

Very busy, in a way that I cannot describe, between teaching and exams, and the responsibility of heading a department, in addition to practicing for my concerts and preparing new programs for concerts, but I always find time and go to the Red Sea to have time to meditate and swim, as it is the thing that recharging me I have more energy where there is sun, air, and healthy eating. You must try Egyptian food to understand what I mean.

What are your goals personally? Professionally?

Personally, I'm on a mission to master the art of making the perfect cup of coffee (without setting off the smoke alarm). Professionally, I'm all about hitting those high notes in teaching flute and inspiring my students to reach their musical dreams while spreading joy through the power of music and cooperation with international music festivals.

What inspires you the most in life?

The sheer magic of music, especially the enchanting melodies of the flute, inspires me to dance through life with a smile on my face. But beyond that, it's the simple moments of connection, laughter, and kindness that remind me of the beauty in humanity and keep me inspired to spread joy wherever I go.

Who were your music mentors, and what did you learn from them?

One of my music mentors was Sir Simon Rattle, the acclaimed conductor, and Sir James Galway, the legendary flutist. From Sir Rattle, I learned the art of orchestral leadership, attention to detail, and the importance of conveying emotion through music. From Sir Galway, I gleaned insights into flute technique, musical expression, and the power of storytelling through sound. Their recordings have been my constant companions, guiding and inspiring me on my musical journey.

Can you give us 5 quirky, secret, fun, hobbies or passions?
  • Collecting vintage tea cups and hosting themed tea and coffee parties.
  • Perfecting my impersonations of famous movie characters.
  • Experimenting with new recipes and creating my own signature dishes.
  • Stargazing and learning about astronomy in my backyard.
  • DIY crafting with recycled materials to create unique home decor pieces.
These hobbies bring a touch of whimsy and joy to my life.
What 3 things would you offer as advice for a young flutist?

Not only 3 things I can advise them and say Dance, laugh, play music, enjoy your life, love your life, and don't give up. There are many challenges, but face it, you only live once.


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