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Lelya Bayramoğullari Artist Interview

Can you share what initially inspired you to pursue the flute? Was there a particular moment or person that sparked your interest?


I had many artistic experiences at a young age..Ballet, Mandolin, Choir but when I took the flute in my hand it was magical…I certainly decided it is my instrument. The timbre and color of the flute are fascinating. The flute is very lyrical and sometimes also like a naughty child. That’s impressed me very much….. Aurele Nicolette visited once in Ankara State Symphony Orchestra...I listened to him at the Turkish National Television…It was a dream …And after that, I had more nice dreams with flute playing


Throughout your impressive educational journey, you've studied under several distinguished professors across different countries. How have these diverse experiences influenced your approach to playing and teaching the flute?


Yes, I had many great teachers and many master classes…As Aurele Nicolet, Michael Martin Koffler, Ruth Wentorf… I am still using their recommendations for me. Also sharing with my Students always, gladly… It improved me a lot and still does. They are wonderful people and characters also. I learned from them also many things about life, culture, art…
Your career includes a remarkable mix of solo, chamber, and orchestral performances. Do you have a preference for one of these settings over the others, and if so, why?


No success comes easy… But my indispensable fact is that I have learned a lot from every difficulty. Trying to succeed without losing hope and giving up. As my first Flute teacher, Prof. Cahit Koparal said: Who is the best Flute player? The one with the longest breath… In other words, he is the most patient and never gives up.


You've achieved significant recognition in chamber music competitions early in your career. How do these achievements influence your work and motivation in the field of music?


What I primarily look for in a flutist is a clean, impressive, and characterful tone. Of course, the fact that she or he is a talented and musical flutist affects me deeply.


Your participation as a jury member in numerous international flute competitions suggests a deep commitment to nurturing the next generation of musicians. What qualities do you look for in emerging flutists?


What excites me the most as a musician is being able to give soul and life to a new work. You can shape it completely by revealing all your creativity. This is incredibly enjoyable and exciting. And this excitement gives me the strength to overcome any difficulties


You have a rich history of performing new works and world premieres. How do you approach the challenge of interpreting and conveying the essence of newly composed pieces to your audience?


There are 3 new pieces dedicated to me. I would love to perform all of them in a  “World Premiere." First one is from Brasil  the composer is  Aurera Regina De Coelho new Flute Concert “ Iana Amazon Dreams”  for flute and flute orchestra , The second one is from Greece  Dear composer Vassilis Papadopoulos is composed  “ Six  Pieces for Lelya” for Flute and Piano and the third one from Russia Vladimir Senegin “ The Water Playing” modern pLelya Bayramoğullariiece  for flute and Piano. And  the last one is from one Turkish woman Composer Özge Gülbey  is still writing me new piece for flute solo. Also I am very excited for my next concert with Koto ( Japan traditional enstruman )
Finally, what advice would you give to young musicians aspiring to a career in classical music, particularly in playing the flute?


I would advise young musicians and flutists to love and respect their job, to be patient, concentrated, disciplined, and work hard in a goal-oriented manner.


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