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CD Review: Hélène Boulègue Jolivet Complete Works Vol. 2

Winner of the 2017 Kobe International Flute Competition, Hélène Boulègue recorded the complete flute works of André Jolivet for Naxos Deutschland

Hélène Boulègue is an exceptionally musical performer.  She plays every track on the album with unique bravura.  Her brilliant sound and extraordinary virtuosity make this album a must for any music lover’s collection.

The album begins with the “Suite en concert” (Flute Concerto No. 2) for flute and four percussionists (1965).  This is a maverick work where Hélène’s beautiful sound and outstanding technique shine through.  In the second movement, Hélène’s flute is haunting and supple. The third movement is furious and frenzied.  Hélène’s supreme mastery over her instrument soars grippingly over the percussion.  In the fourth movement “Calme”, we return to a pensive and melancholic introduction followed by a very technically challenging goose chase between the flute and percussion. Hélène is nothing short of absolutely exquisite.

“Alla Rustica” divertissement for flute and harp showcases Hélène’s ravishing collaborative skills  with equally brilliant harpist Anaïs Gaudemard.

"Hélène Boulègue is a magnificent flutist." 

“Pipeaubec 1. Allegretto simplice” is charmingly reminiscent of a folk song.  II. Giocoso is a playful movement where the flute and percussion engage in a playful joust.  Hélène’s magic flute keeps the listener engaged, thirsting for more.

The “Sonatina for Flute & Clarinet” offers a delightful change of tones.  Hélène Boulègue’s flute and Olivier Dartevelle’s clarinet lines sinuously soar, intertwining, and meandering, with impeccable intonation.

The “Pastorales de Noël” for flute, bassoon, and harp offers an entirely new palette of colors.  Weaving their unique pigments, Hélène Boulègue, David Sattler and Nicolas Tulliez conjure a bewitching brew of vivid sonorities and technical excellence.

“Petite Suite for Flute, Viola & Harp” offers yet another arresting pigment to the album's sonic spectrum.

Hélène Boulègue’s ravishing sound in the Flute Concerto No. 1 ascends gracefully over the bed of strings, offering the perfect ending to this wonderful collection ofAndré Jolivet's works.  The entire album offers the listener impeccable artistry, a feast for the ears.  Hélène Boulègue is a magnificent flutist who deserves standing ovations wherever she performs.

-Viviana Guzman



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