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Quarantine Diaries Vol. 2

We reached out to our community to ask how the Quarantine has impacted our lives.  Following,  you will see some of the responses.




It’s been an interesting time. The craziness of the current climate started a little bit for me before lockdown began. Having broken my shoulder last year, I had been forced to take time off playing. I was just returning to work in early March just as Covid-19 was starting to have an impact on our planet. But not yet in a direct way to me personally. So I returned to work as planned and headed off to Australia for a series of concerts. It was whilst I was there that the world started to lockdown. At first, getting home was a problem but then the authorities decided we must leave immediately so I was repatriated back to the UK. Four hours after landing in my home airport the UK lockdown began.

The biggest impact I'm feeling is really on a social level. Living alone, it’s been over a month since I have seen any of my family or friends in real life. That is the hardest part. I miss them. I miss socialising. And having to eat food that I have cooked in my own kitchen has been traumatic at times although my cooking is slowly getting better and, so far there have been no fires! Over the last few weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to play my flute in various projects - all from my living room! Some recordings, some masterclasses, and even a recital in a virtual festival. It’s been a learning experience. But I am so grateful that when faced with almost a year of canceled concerts, I can still stay involved in some form and have music to learn and projects to get excited about.

My teaching has not changed enormously as almost the only teaching I do, aside from occasional masterclasses, are people seeking one-off lessons. These have often been delivered online so this has not really changed much for me. Except perhaps a few more people requesting them. Which I am more than happy to do of course. With my personal practice, I decided to learn a few pieces I have always wanted to play but never had the time or opportunity to tackle so that has actually been quite fun.

Of course, some days are easier than others when it comes to motivation but I have found smaller more quickly achieved goals to work towards have helped rather than the usual bigger picture. It’s an interesting time and of course as musicians we must, more than ever, support each other and each other's projects and keep focused on the positives we can bring to the world. Of course, the heroes are our health workers. But we must not forget that in the darkest of times, it was the arts that people turned to Music, movies, literature, art and video games are what have provided people with a source of pleasure through these difficult times. I hope that once this is over the world remembers that and sees the value of the arts more than ever. This pandemic has only shown us that irrelevant of our race, religion, social and financial status, and sexual orientation.......we share a lot more in common than we have differences dividing us.



It’s been an interesting time! In the beginning I was sure I would complete many tasks - practice all the time, write a book, stay in shape, learn Chinese, not really taking into account the emotional drain that the abrupt change in the world would take on me, especially living in Manhattan, the epicenter of the disease in the US.  Tasks took much longer to complete and I needed a lot of rest. I really needed to take time to grieve and practice self-care, as I started to lose friends and family members to the disease. It’s been difficult, but also a time to go deeper and ask important questions…and to watch escapist TV (see below)! But seriously, I have had to find the energy, courage and strength to be present every day, to connect to community, creativity, love and music and to be grateful for all that I have even now. As the weeks have gone by I have begun to regain energy and have begun to be able to focus on flute and my work and the universe has actually come to me. I was interviewed about my online teaching on NPR and I was offered a new teaching job (more on that after this passes) and I’m enthusiastic about my flute intensive and Green Golly animation again so I’m grateful for resiliency and send hope, courage and love to The Flute View community.

Funny and/or Escapist TV while home

While many of us are working hard at home, practicing flute, composing, learning new things, writing books, cooking great meals, playing chess, studying with great spiritual teachers, giving service and spending time with loved ones, we also need to relax and forget a little. So – I’ve compiled a list of escapist TV just in case you need a break!  Mostly funny shows, a few are more serious.

Slings and Arrows, Great show about a theater company that performs Shakespeare – each episode corresponds with the play they are performing – some of the best TV writing I’ve ever seen and funny too. Acorn

Durrells in Corfu,  Writers Lawrence and Gerald Durrell and family move to the island of Corfu in the late 1930’s. Funny and brilliant writing and acting. PBS Masterpiece available on Amazon Prime

Silicon Valley, About a start-up in Silicon Valley – that doesn’t begin to describe it – laugh out loud funny, and serious. HBO

Being Erica, Canadian dramedy about a young woman who goes back in time to learn the lessons she needs to be happy, successful and sane. Erica HULU

Foyles War, (not funny but excellent WW2 in England) Acorn

Doc Martin, Hilarious British, about an awkward doctor who goes to a small town. Acorn

Red Oak, Very funny! Netflix

Shtisel, Among the funniest, most poignant of shows about a Hassidic man in Israel who is an amazing painter and all the difficulties that implies for him – hard to describe you have to see it. Netflix

Anne with an E, based on the book “Anne of Green Gables”, Canadian show, great writing. Netflix

Grace & Frankie, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in this comedy about two woman whose husbands announce that they are gay after 40 years of marriage. It is funny!! Also, some great clothes. Netflix

Parts Unknown, If you need to feel like you are travelling this is Anthony Bourdain’s show about great food around the world. Beautiful visuals. Netflix

The Great British Baking Show This is fun, and you get to see a lot of great cake! Netflix

This should get you started. We would love to hear about the funny shows you love. Feel free to add to the list!

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