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Omar Acosta CD Review

by Viviana Guzman

Omar Acosta (Venezuela – Spain) is a flautist, composer, and arranger, who currently maintains a versatile and multidisciplinary international career of concerts, recitals, and workshops, covering the most diverse musical styles.  As a soloist he has performed in the most important theaters in the world with the groups he leads or with such important institutions as the National Ballet of Spain (flautist and musical director), Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, Venezuela Symphony Orchestra, Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, Zulia Symphony Orchestra, El Salvador Symphony Orchestra, among others, with which he has premiered his flute concerto as well other composers works.

Born in Córdoba, Argentina, guitarist Sergio Menem is based in Spain where he is in high demand for a large number of important projects and companies such as: Ballet Nacional de España (flamenco and classic Spanish), Els Comediants (theater, Kurdish music), Antonio Najarro (flamenco y classic Spanish), María Pages (flamenco), Olga Román (singer-songwriter), Fernando Egozcue (guitarist and composer) & Omar Acosta (flutist and composer), among many others.  He studied guitar at the Conservatorio Provincial de Música de Córdoba Félix T. Garzón, in Argentina, and at the Conservatorio del Liceo in Barcelona.  In addition, he studied composition at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and violoncello at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, USA.

Omar Acosta and guitarist Sergio Menem just released their latest CD entitled "Entretiempo y Tiempo".  Run, don't walk to have a listen!  This engaging CD of all original works by Acosta and Menem is wonderfully refreshing and brilliantly creative.

This eleven song album showcases Acosta's original piece entitled, "Ave Maria".  Acosta plays the sultry bass flute and Menem provides a silky bed with his gentle and alluring guitar.  This tune is sweet and hopeful and expertly played by the duo.  When Acosta's flute comes in midway, the sonority is so light and mellifluous that it is like a breath of fresh air.

"Chorinho pra Jaques", is a light, jazzy, with a Brazilian feel is written by Sergio Menem.  The melody starts with both the flute and guitar, after which both sonorities play independently.  The melody is innovative and the guitar accompaniment is rhythmic, steady, and light.  This track is distinctly fresh with a certain tropical sound that hints at walking on the beaches in Rio de Janeiro on a warm summer's eve.

"Entretiempo", composed by Acosta, is a sensual and longing piece for bass flute and guitar, hauntingly played by Acosta and Menem.  This piece offers a wonderful solo for Menem to shine and demonstrate his expert technique and soulful improvisational spirit.  The track finishes with Acosta's beautiful sound on the flute.

The fourth track, "Pastora" is playful and full of life.  The guitarist, Menem displays his wonderful rhythmic sense as the flutist soars, and then when Menem takes the solo, Acosta accompanies rhythmically on the cuatro, a small Venezuelan guitar.  This sensational piece written by Omar Acosta is simply riveting.

The delightfully refreshing, the album "Entretiempo y Tiempo" is filled with ingenuity and inspiration.  Along with the CD, a book of all the pieces can also be purchased so that all flutists and guitarists can enjoy performing these lovely tunes.  Each track is delightful and visionary.  Pooling from their South American roots, the Acosta / Menem Duo has produced an imaginative sound that is uniquely theirs and a joy to hear.

Track list:


Omar Acosta & Sergio Menem

Flute - Guitar












(*)  Composed by Omar Acosta

(**) Composed by Sergio Menem



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